Unit Information

  • Make / Model

  • Tare (kg)

  • GVM (kg)

  • Crane Max Rated Capacity

  • VIN

  • Body Serial No

  • Body YOM

  • SMU Meter 1

  • PTO Meter 2

  • Kilometres (km)

  • Other Information

Plant Condition

Cab Chassis

  • Paint / Surface

  • Cabin Interior

  • Seatbelts

  • Chassis / Frame

  • Tow Hitch

  • Drive (Uni, Shafts etc)

  • Drive / Suspension Greasing

  • Oil Leaks

  • Wheel Nut Indicators

  • Front Tyres %

  • Rear Tyres %

  • Spare Tyre %

  • Rims

  • Springs / Suspension

  • Stickers / Logos

  • Comments


  • Paint / Surface

  • Frame / Subframe

  • Cabinets

  • Cabinet Locks

  • Slew Drive / Bearing

  • Luff Cylinder(s)

  • Hydraulic Lines

  • Outriggers

  • Boom

  • Rope

  • Hook

  • Deck Access

  • Comments

Servicing and Maintenance Compliance

  • 3 Monthly Inspection Compliance

  • Last Completed Date - 3 Monthly Inspection

  • Operator Prestart Inspection Compliance

  • EFMR Defect Process Compliance

  • Items for Attention prior to next service?

  • Items for Attention at next service?

  • Comments

Australian Standards and Thiess CSC Compliance

  • Annual Inspection / Cranesafe Green Sticker

  • Annual WH&S Registration

  • Crane Plant Risk Assessment

  • Annual LMI Calibration

  • Annual Rope Inspection Certificate

  • Annual Hook Block Inspection Certificate

  • Load Charts (English, Metric, All load/setup positions)

  • Outrigger Interlock Pins

  • Outrigger Pads (Fitted, Rated, Sufficient for loading)

  • Outrigger Zebra Striping

  • Incremental Deadman Controls

  • Trilight or external load indicator and audible alarm (>10tm)

  • Anti Two Block Device

  • Rated Capacity Limiter

  • Load Indicator (>3tm)

Site Audit Photos

  • Cabin Interior

  • Exterior

  • Underbody

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