TCC Field Office and SWPPP Administration

  • 1. Is the SWPP Plan posted? Poster with BMP's should be on wall.

  • 2. Is the SWPP Plan updated? Poster on wall should have comments (i.e. as built and current dates)?

  • 3. Is the written SWPP Plan binder readily available on site?

  • 4. Notice of Intent (NOI) posted?

  • 5. SWPPP inspection reports are being conducted and completed by QSP weekly? Each report must be signed and dated by QSP.

  • 6. Weather reports are being documented weekly (i.e. NOAA forecast)?

Field Observations

  • 7. Site entrance posting (WDID #, Contact name and number, etc.)

  • 8. Stabilized construction entrance set-up (typically 13 ft of rock, 25 ft of rumble plates, 12 ft of rock)?

  • 9. Stabilized construction entrance is being maintained (clear of excess mud, debris, dirt)?

  • 10. Vehicles tracking sediment off the construction site being maintained?

  • 11. BMP's set-up around site perimeter (e.g. 2 high sandbags along perimeter of project)?

  • 12. BMP's set-up around site perimeter are maintained?

  • 13 Sediment outside of fence line being maintained (e.g. gutter and/or fence stands clear of excess mud, debris, dirt)?

  • 14. Vegetation around BMP's maintained (e.g. minimal vegetation growth)?

  • 15. Active inlets protected (e.g. 2 high sandbags with specified fabric)?

  • 16. Active inlets maintained?

  • 17. Slopes protected with BMP?

  • 18. Slope BMP maintained?

  • 19. Inactive spoils piles protected with BMP (14 days or more inactive)?

  • 20. Inactive spoils pile BMP maintained?

  • 21. Concrete washout - Available?

  • 22. Concrete washout - Set-up to prevent spills? (e.g. plastic underneath washout with berm around)

  • 23. Concrete washout - Maintained?

  • 24. Trash bins covered when necessary (e.g. windy location, rain event)?

  • 25. Spill Kit - Readily available on the project site?

  • 26. Dust control (e.g. water truck) for site readily available?

  • 27. Dust control for the project site being maintained?

Additional Observations - Positive activities or area of improvement - Provide detailed information

  • 5 pts - Provide detailed information

  • 10 pts - Provide detailed information

  • 25 pts - Provide detailed information


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