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Inspection Item – Bld Entry & Exit

  • All exit points clearly sign posted/lit/unobstructed.<br>

  • Do entry/exit points allow free and unobstructed movement?<br><br>

  • Is the WHS visitor book clearly identifiable at Building entrance<br>

  • Are paths in good condition and unobstructed.<br>

  • Are there risks of falling objects ie. tree branches etc.<br>

  • Is flooring in good condition/have even surfaces?<br>

  • Are floors and aisles cleared of rubbish and trip hazards eg electrical cords, packs and webbing etc.<br>

  • Are steps in good repair and fitted with non skid strips.<br>

  • Do all doors operate correctly?<br>

  • Are landings clear of obstructions?

  • Can exit doors be opened from the inside?<br>

  • Are wet surfaces covered / made with non slip material?<br>

  • Can spilled materials be cleaned up immediately (equipment available)?<br>

Inspection Item – Accommodation – Work Area

  • Are power points in good condition? <br>

  • Are there sufficient power points.<br>

  • Are extension cords in good condition?<br>

  • Are light globes/tubes fitted and operating correctly.<br>

  • Is lighting sufficient for purpose/task.<br>

  • Are electrical appliances places away from sinks or wet areas?<br>

  • Are electrical appliances and their cords in good condition?<br>

  • Do all electrical appliances have a safety inspection tag?<br>

  • Are household chemicals stored in a safe manner?<br>

  • Are services and equipment kept in a clean condition ie. Taps, basins, towels racks, boil points or switches?<br>

Inspection Item- Dangerous goods.

  • Is there a hazardous substance register in place and is the register utilised?<br>

  • Are the SDS sheets available for ALL chemicals?<br>

  • Are all containers adequately labelled. ie. IAW National Code of Practice for Labelling Workplace Substances [NOHSC:2012 (1994)].<br>

  • Are all containers suitable for their purpose?<br>

  • Are all containers safely stored?<br>Ref: National Standard <br>NOHSC: 1015 / 2001<br>

  • Is the area well ventilated?<br>

  • Are amounts kept to a minimum? (no bulk storage).<br>

  • Are appropriate dangerous goods placards displayed at the storage point?<br>

  • Are warning signs clearly visible / posted for ALL relevant substances?<br>

Inspection Item – First Aid

  • Are the first aid boxes present? Is there a Registered number on box?<br>

  • Are first aid boxes stocked IAW min standards / requirements?<br>

  • Do they contain the first aid box contents checklist and inspection dates. <br>

  • Have they been inspected and signed in the last 6 months?<br>

  • Do they contain an injury record book?<br>

  • Are the contents of the first aid kit appropriate to the area where it is located?<br>

  • Is there a person responsible for the first aid boxes identified? Who is it?<br>

Inspection Item – Lighting

  • Are all areas adequately lit?<br>

  • Is natural light utilised to best advantage?<br>

  • Is it free of unnecessary glare created from unshielded lights?<br>

  • Are light fittings and switches suitably located?<br>

  • Are all light fittings and switches in good condition?<br>

  • Are illuminated exit signs and other notices correctly lit?<br>

Inspection Item – Safety Signs & Posters

  • Are emergency exit signs in place and easy to identify?<br>

  • Are signs or posters in a prominent position and easy to read?<br>

  • Are signs or posters close to the source of the hazard?<br>

  • Are signs or posters adequately maintained and in good condition?<br>

  • Is there a prominently erected WHS notice board?<br>

  • Does the notice board contain relevant, up to date and WHS specific information? <br>

  • Is the WHS notice board free of other non-WHS material ie. advertising etc?<br>

Inspection Item – Building safety

  • Is a register of building defects and maintenance present?<br>

  • Is there a register of hazardous materials / substances in existence and is it maintained?<br>

  • Are regular WHS inspections of the building undertaken?<br>

  • Are adequate fire prevention systems installed?<br>

  • Is appropriate PPE available and used where required?<br>

  • Is there an Emergency Incident Response Plan present in the building?<br>

  • Are there any locations in or around the building where hazardous goods are stored and are they adequately sign posted?<br>Ref National Code of Practice for Labelling Workplace Substances NOHSC: 2012(1994).<br><br>

  • Are all personnel trained in the used of SDS and aware of the location where SDS are kept?<br>

  • Are suitable administration areas available for Q Store staff to carry out paperwork / filing functions?<br>ie. office desk & chair (OH )<br>

  • Are contact numbers for appropriate emergency positions available?<br>

  • Are suitable manual handling systems in place regarding lifting heavy loads? (Q Store -Workshops)<br>

  • Are suitable systems in place to manage storage of Lithium batteries? (Q Store)<br>

  • Are Dangerous Goods stored in accordance with (Ref) National Standard Safe Work Australia (NOHSC): 1015/2001, in particular storage distances?<br>(Q Store - Workshops -OH )<br><br>

Follow-up arrangements

  • Has a job been logged for repairs, alterations and/or improvements?<br>

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