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1. Tower

  • Does the tower appear to be in good condition?

  • Is there an Immediate safety concern with the condition of the tower?

2. Guard

  • Was there a Guard on site?

  • Was the Guard in uniform?

  • Did the Guard appear attentive to the security of the site?

  • How many guards work at the site in total?

  • Are their children regularly on the site?

  • Is there evidence of children being on site?

3. Guard House

  • Is there a Guard House on Site?

  • Is the Guard House in Good Condition?

  • Is the Guard House Air Conditioned?

  • What other facilities does the Guard House contain?

4. Perimeter Walls / Fences / Gates / Doors

  • Is the site secure?

  • Are the Perimeter Walls / Fences / Gates / Doors in good condition?

  • Can the site be secured effectively if unmanned?

  • What repairs, modifications, or other works would be required to secure site effectively?

5. Power Supply

  • Does the site have an EDC Connection?

  • Does it work effectively?

  • Is there EDC Power Supply Close By?

  • Does the site have solar power system?

  • Does the Solar System work effectively?

  • Does the site have a generator?

  • How often does the generator run?

  • How many hours a day does the generator run on average?

  • Does the generator get tested weekly?

6. Network Equipment Room

  • Is the Equipment Room Weatherproof?

  • Does the Network Equipment appear in good condition?

  • Is the site fitted with People Logic System?

  • What is the length of the Equipment Room?

  • What is the width of the Equipment Room?

  • What is the height of the Equipment Room?

7. Other Equipment

  • Is there any other equipment of value on site?

  • Is the site being utilised for non Cellcard purposes?

8. Fire Safety

  • Is there any fire safety equipment on site?

  • Is there a Fire Extinguisher on site?

  • Fire Extinguisher Details

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Picture of Fire Extinguisher

  • Is the fire extinguisher in serviceable condition?

  • Date of Manufacture of Fire Extinguisher?

  • Date of last service of Fire Extinguisher?

  • Is the Smoke Detection of Fire Alarm System on site?

  • Is there Automatic Fire Suppression System in the Network Equipment?

  • Is there Automatic Fire Suppression System in Generator?

  • Is there any other Fire Safety Equipment on Site?

9. General Site Safety

  • Is there appropriate Safety Signage installed on site?

  • Is there emergency lighting on site?

  • Is there site emergency plans in place?

  • Does the electrical installations and wiring appear safe?

  • Does the Fuel Storage area have spill containment walls?

  • Is there a fuel spill kit on site?

10. Other Site Efficiency Observations

  • Is there any other ways to reduce expenditure at this site?

11. Site Location Considerations

  • Was this site easy to access?

  • Is this site located close to other buildings or infrastructure?

  • Was this site located far from a major sealed road?

  • Are there any locals residing close to this site?

  • Did the guard ask you to sign in or out of the site?


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