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  • Personnel

General Site Inspection

  • Has job inspection been completed

  • Traffic management plan approved and fit for site use?

  • Vehicle Movement Plan approved and fit for site use?

  • Project Induction completed for all site. Personnel?

  • Pre-Start Checklist completed for all P & E?

  • Traffic Management set up per approved plan, including night shift requirements?

  • Tool Box Talk and Site Specific Risk Assessment completed?

  • Is Scope of Works correct and marked out?


  • Depth of cut is correct and verified?

  • Clean up and inspection of milled surface satisfactory?

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  • Disposal of milled material to an approved site?

Asphalt Placement and Compaction

  • Is surface preparation completed and satisfactory?

  • Weather and pavement conditions acceptable?

  • Truck Marshalling area established? (If required)

  • Tack Coat application rate correct?

  • Reversing of vehicles on site. Is there a Spotter/Tip Man in place?

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  • Asphalt mix type and temperature within specified limits?

  • Asphalt mix visually homogeneous?

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  • Asphalt Traceability Record being completed?

  • Is the un-compacted layer thickness acceptable?

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  • Asphalt paving plan acceptable for site conditions?

  • Compacted layer thickness as nominated?

  • Add media

  • Are all joints acceptable?

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  • Rolling pattern acceptable?

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Finished Pavement Properties

  • finished pavement texture acceptable?

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  • Finished surface shape acceptable?

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  • Ride quality acceptable?

  • Site clean up acceptable?

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  • Plant and equipment parked in a safe and environmentally acceptable location?

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  • Traffic control devices removed?

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