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Have all the necessary approvals been obtained for the worksite? (Form M994, Traffic Management Plan etc.) 2.2.2

Are signs appropriate size? 3.2.3; 3.4.1

Are the signs placed correctly? (Set out distances are adequate allowing for terrain and any obstructions) Ref MUTCD diagrams

Are the signs visible? 2.5.2

Are there correct distances between speed reduction signs? Ref MUTCD diagrams

Are the site speeds reduced in the correct steps?

Are all approaches considered and signed accordingly?

Are all signs mounted at the correct height?(eg. Urban/rural, short/long term)

Are the signs in a serviceable condition? (Lettering is clearly visible, background of the sign is clean and not faded)

Are the names and contact details of the nominated out of hours representatives listed? (Minimum of two names)

Are the "END ROADWORK" signs installed where required?

Are the speed restoration signs installed where required?



Is the full length taper visible to approaching traffic?

Is the taper length sufficient?


Is the delineation suitable and leaves no doubt which part of the roadway is available to traffic?

Is spacing of delineation acceptable?

Is the colour of delineation acceptable?

If traffic cones/bollards are used, are they the correct size and placed at 5 - 25 metre spacing?

If traffic cones/bollards are used at night, are they fitted with white retro-reflective bands? (Not torn, dirty or removed)


Traffic Control

Are the traffic controller's certificates current?

Are the traffic controllers wearing the correct attire?

Are the communications between traffic controllers adequate?

Are controllers receiving regular breaks? (3 hours max)

Are stop/slow bats of the correct type and in good condition?

Are the traffic controllers in the best possible position and have suitable escape path?

If portable traffic signals are in use, are the time lapses between signals correct for the volume of traffic using that section of road? 4.7.2

Have side roads and private access points been adequately catered for? 2.4.1

Are traffic controllers operating within a 60km/hr or less speed zone? 4.6.4

Are "Traffic controller ahead / Prepare to stop" signs being removed when traffic controllers are not in attendance? 3.5.2

Are "Traffic controller ahead /Prepare to stop" signs located the required distance in advance of traffic controllers?


Temporary lighting

Is temporary lighting installed at the specified locations?

Is the temporary lighting installed correctly? (Not a glare problem for approaching motorists)


Safety Barriers

Is the correct type of barrier installed?

Is the minimum length of barrier in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications? Ref. manufacturer's specifications

Is the barrier filled to the correct water level? (Plastic barriers) ref. manufacturer's specifications

Is the barrier deflection zone adequate? Ref. manufacturer's specifications

Are barrier end treatments (crash cushions) installed where required? Ref. manufacturer's specifications


Pedestrian movements

Are suitably protected crossing points provided for pedestrians? 2.3.8

Are appropriate signs, barricades and warning lamps provided? 2.3.8

Is illumination adequate? 2.3.8



Are daily records kept detailing dates, all signs used, location and times etc? MUTCD Appendix A

Is the M994 or Traffic Management Plan completed, submitted and approved? MUTCD Appendix B


Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.