• Review #

  • Conducted on:

  • Reporting Office:

  • Personnel:

  • Job Task:

  • Project / Vision Proposal #

  • Job Location:
  • Reviewing Person:


  • Daily Job Site Safety Briefing has been has been filled out, discussed and reviewed with all field personnel. Form is readily accessible.

  • Closest medical facility is identified, including distance to.

  • A minimum of one employee is 1st Aid and CPR trained/certified.

  • General-Additional Comments:

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment -

  • Hard hats

  • Safety glasses

  • Correct foot wear

  • Hand protection

  • List glove type in use (i.e. leather; nitrile; kevlar; other):

  • Safety vests

  • Insulated measuring stick

  • Inspection date is current on stick, it is clean, no visible damage and operating properly

  • Sufficient drinking fluids are available (personal water jug)

  • Other PPE:

  • PPE-Additional Comments:

Job Site Safety Practices

  • Visually inspects pole and work area from a safe distance to identify any hazards prior to approaching.

  • Eliminates hazards or uses safe work practices to minimize hazards. <br>

  • Identifies & positions themselves to avoid pinch points (oncoming traffic, guardrails, etc.) while working

  • Follows established safe work practices when walking along roads with no sidewalks.

  • Follows the established safe work practices when measuring mid-spans where vehicular traffic is possible.

  • Follows the established safe work practices when extending & retracting the insulated measuring stick.

  • Communicates with co-worker throughout the job task.

  • Properly identifies themselves and act in a professional manner when interacting with the public, customers and the client.

  • Job Site Safety Practices-Additional Comments:

Vehicle Compliance / Safety

  • Vehicle parked correctly (pull in - pull out, back in - pull out, pull in - back out, etc.).

  • Spotter used when backing the vehicle.

  • Safety cones and 360 walk a round preformed correctly.

  • Beacon is mounted on top vehicle and operating correctly.

  • Vehicle registration and insurance certificate current.

  • Safety Equipment: fire extinguisher; first aid kit; vehicle safety tool, etc.

  • Equipment and other valuables are stored out of sight when vehicle is unoccupied.

  • Vehicle Compliance / Safety-Additional Comments:

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