Title Page

  • Audit Title i.e 15s or DAT request

  • Name & Tech ID

  • Customer Postcode & Job number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • What reason has the job been escalated?

  • Is there another suitable location for the dish to be relocated to?

  • If there is no other suitable location for the dish to relocated to please explain to your customer the expected wait/lead time for the next available date for a DAT/15s Team

  • Is there a clear line of sight in the suggested dish location?

  • Please take photo of line of sight

  • If Triple 15s are required please take a photo of your ladders in suggested location fully extended with ladder mate correctly in position with 4 points of contact so we can ensure triple 15s will be long enough.

  • Please see attached picture for referencing to see if ladders will reach

    please see picture for referencing to see if ladders will reach
  • Is there enough room to manoeuvre triple 15s into working position Please remember triple 15s are a 2 man carry horizontally

  • Has the customer agreed to a 20mm eyebolt please show customer a 20mm eyebolt so they are fully aware of size If triple 15s are being requested x1 20mm eyebolt is required at chest or lower If DAT/ROPES are being requested a minimum of 2 maximum of 4 20mm eyebolts will be used.

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