Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel



  • Country/Travel Risk

  • City Risk

  • Building Risk

  • Building Office Security

  • Overall Risk

  • Location Category

  • Terminal Count

  • Max Event Capacity

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

  • Police - Telephone/Address

  • Fire - Telephone/Address

  • Ambulance - Telephone/Address

  • Hospital - Telephone/Address

  • Embassy - Telephone/Address

  • Consulate - Telephone/Address

Building Description

Building Description

  • Please describe our influence in the building

  • (This section refers to the whole building site, not just the Bloomberg space)

  • How many floors?

  • How many basement floors?

  • How many "normal" pedestrian building entrances?

  • How many external dedicated emergency egress doors?

  • How many entrances have a security guard or reception post?

External Controls Beyond Bloomberg

External Controls Beyond Bloomberg

  • Are there any sensitive locations near the facility?

  • Are there vehicle restraint measures in place?

  • Are there perimeter boundary pedestrian check points?

  • Are there external security patrols?

  • Is there external CCTV coverage?

  • Are there external tenants in the building?

Vehicle Access


  • Is there a parking lot adjacent to the building?


  • Is there vehicle parking within the building

Loading Dock

  • Does the location contain a loading dock?

Building Information

For Each Exterior Building Door

  • Exterior Building Door

  • Exterior Door
  • Door Identifier

  • What is the main door construction

  • Addl Text

  • What is the main door opening mechanism

  • Is the main door single, single and a half or double leaf?

  • Are the main doors usually closed?

Base Building

  • Does the building have a third party security monitoring company?

  • Does the building/location contain hazardous materials?

  • Does the location have a helipad?

  • Does the building have a K-9 present?

  • Is the main entrance covered by CCTV?

  • How many outdoor terraces does the building have?

Building Reception Area

  • Is the building lobby area used by BB staff open to the public?

  • Is there Bloomberg signage within the Building Lobby?

  • Does the building have its own receptionist?

  • Is the receptionist 24*7?

  • Day time presence

  • Night time presence

  • Does the building have its own security presence?

  • Is the security guard 24*7?

  • Daytime presence

  • Night time presence

  • Is the Building Security Guarding Vendor also a Bloomberg Vendor?

  • Does the building have a pedestrian gate, turnstiles or entry portals in the reception area?

  • Do the turnstiles have CCTV Coverage?

Controlled Route to Office

  • Are there controls in place to prevent access to the stairs?

  • Describe elevator controls

Hosted/Serviced Suite

  • Is this a Hosted or Serviced Suite Lobby (renting space in another company's space)?

Bloomberg Space

BBG Control

  • How many floors does BBG occupy?

  • What is the lowest BBG floor that has staff desks?

  • What is the highest BBG floor that has staff desks?

  • How many BBG basement storage rooms?

  • How many BBG Doors have a reception or security position?

  • How many BBG dedicated fire egress doors?

  • How many BBG entrances have been decommissioned?

Bloomberg Space Entrance

  • Is there Bloomberg signage at the entrances to BBG space?

  • Is there an Intercom Call Point

Bloomberg Reception

  • Does Bloomberg have its own receptionist?

  • Is the receptionist 24*7?

  • Daytime presence

  • Nightime presence

  • Is there a Visitor Badge Management facility (Smile)

  • Is there onsite staff/contractor/vendor badge production printers?

Bloomberg Security

  • Does Bloomberg have its own security presense?

  • Is the security guard 24*7?

  • Daytime presence

  • Nighttime presence

  • Does this site contain a Security Command Center (SOC)

Mail Screening

  • How is mail to the office handled?

  • What is the mail screening methodology

Other Space Entrance/Front of House

  • Do we have First Aid Kits at this location?

  • Do we have AED at this location?

  • Does this location have a Wellness Center?

  • Panic Button Audit

  • Panic Button
  • Where is the duress (panic) button located?

  • Who is notified if duress button is pressed?

  • Muster point locations

  • Location
  • Select the muster point location

Bloomberg Space Controls

  • For each Bloomberg Space Door

  • Bloomberg Entrance Door
  • Door Identifier

  • Addl Text

  • What is the main door construction?

  • What is the main door opening mechanism?

  • Is the main door single, single and a half or double leaf?

  • Can the main doors be locked and opened with a physical key?

  • Are the main doors usually closed?

General CCTV Coverage

  • Are all the circulation routes around the office covered by a camera?

  • Are all the pre-function, pantry and other crowded spaces covered by a camera?

  • Is there CCTV coverage in the passenger elevators?

Security Panels and Video Recording

  • Are all the security access control panels held in a secure location, such as IDF rooms?

  • Is the security access control panels wall mounted or rack mounted?

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