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1.0 Man

  • Is Company issued workwear being worn by TRS associates?

  • Is required PPE to do job safely being worn?

  • Are associates competent (or supervised) while carrying out their work duties

  • Have all associates in area received H&S induction?

  • Are associates aware of the location of COSHH and general risk assessments associated with their areas?

  • Can associates name the 5 behaviours on the check list?<br>Pre job inspection<br>PPE<br>use the tool correctly<br>pinch points<br>select the proper tool

  • How many BBS were named?

2.0 Machine

  • Is the machine clean and tidy?

  • Is the equipment free from any visible damage?

  • Are all the guards in place and functioning correctly?

  • Are all emergency stop buttons accessible?

  • Are all electrical cabinets secure?

  • Are all electrical cables, hoses etc. secure so as not to be a trip hazard?

  • Is the machine free from debris, on, around or underneath it?

3.0 Material

  • Is in process product being stored ins safe manner?

  • Are packaging materials stored in a tidy and orderly manner?

  • Has all unused tooling been stored away correctly?

  • Has all hand tooling, not in use, been returned to its correct location?

  • Are hand tools in the workplace in good condition?

  • Does the associate feel that they have the correct tools to carry out their job safely?

4.0 Enviroment

  • Is cleaning kit available?

  • Is lighting adequate in the work area?

  • Are walkways clear of obstructions?

  • Are all walkways clearly defined?

  • Is there suitable ventilation within the work area?

  • Is the ambient temperature above 16•C?

  • Are all safety signs visible and unobstructed?

  • Have all unwanted items been removed form the area?

5.0 Method

  • Are associates working in a safe manner?

  • Are Standard Work sheets available and being followed?

  • Are all waste streams, identified, stored and disposed of correctly?

  • Is product stored on racks in a safe manner?

  • Are all 5s audits up to date?

6.0 General

  • Associate feedback

  • On a scale of 1 - 10, how safe do you feel working at TRS? 1 = not safe, 10 = very safe

  • Auditor

  • Auditee

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