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TS01 Labelling

  • 'Tiliter AI Scale Serial Label' has been affixed in correct location ?

  • 'Fuse Warning Label' has been affixed to rear hatch plate?


  • IEC outlet/Switch correctly installed on left side of rear hatch plate when viewing from rear. <br><br>Physical Switch should reside on the very left side. (Note; units assembled before 21/6/22 will have switch towards center)<br>

  • POS rear backplate screws installed

  • POS rear upper backplate installed?

  • Wifi Dongle installed?

  • Fixing ring above camera has been tightened.

  • TCO Camera has been firmly affixed to pole and is straight. Camera should not be loose or rattle.

  • Pole has been firmly affixed to stainless steel base. Pole does should not be loose or rattle.

  • Pole base cover plate and cable clip installed.

  • Scale feet are installed

  • Front window panel installed and tightly fasntened?

  • Tare tamper prevention screw installed and screwed in FLUSH

  • Grounding cable Nut is installed and tightly fastened?

  • Cable clamp Nut is installed and tightly fastened?

  • Scale feet is fastened to the top and sits flat in cavity?

  • Scale ECR type 5?

  • Scale has NMI verification sticker AND seal affixed specifically on the top surface underneath the platter. <br>(e.g Briquip - BRSXXXXYY)

  • Device has been physically flagged with Label "Missing NMI sticker" and Tiliter Staff?

  • Missing sticker has been re-added by verifier?

  • Bolts on Serial cables are tightly fastened to serial port on scale?

  • POS is clean with no scratches or damage?

  • Mains power cable (still in clear bag) included with system?

  • [This check is only for units built with TV4 - Check KB build sheet/GF Dashboard)<br>When powered on (power check);<br>- Does POS front LED's light up?<br>- Does the LED light pipe on the right side of the base light up (RED)?


  • Does this scale/build include a Printer?

  • Printer has power? (Indicated by POWER LED)

  • Label roll installed correctly with adhesive side facing the back?

  • Does Printer have power button protector installed correctly (ON = 1 , OFF = 0)?

  • Ensure Audible Warnings and Volume Dial is disabled by checking there's no prompted sound or message when opening the Printer

  • Custom Metal Cable Bracket installed with cable clip and is tight fit?


  • For belows inspection result, if PASS apply and capture image of signed inspection sticker.

  • Inspection Result

  • Affix Hardware QA Pass label

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