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Field Survey of items Requiring Inspection 2014 "BLUE"

  • Enter location where items were found, select the category of the item and move the slider to the number observed in compliance & the number not in compliance. There can be a singular item or multiple items in the observation area. (i.e. Worksite, Shop or Toolroom)

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  • Item(s) having current inspection ID (BLUE 2014).

  • Item(s) NOT having current inspection ID (BLUE 2014).

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  • 1.0 PURPOSE To establish requirements for color coding material and equipment to signify completion of a required annual safety inspection.
    2.0 SCOPE This procedure applies to all personnel at all TVA locations.
    A. Annual safety inspections of material and equipment will be color coded in accordance with the color code schedule in Appendix A signifying that the material/equipment passed the required inspection. The color code applied at the time of the inspection shall serve as the record of inspection.
    B. The color code can be applied by means of color tape, paint, colored tie wraps, etc.
    C. The method used to apply the color code should be durable for the intended use of the material or equipment.
    D. Organizations may elect to include the year of inspection with the color code. Inclusion of the year prevents an item that has not been inspected for a three- year period appearing to have a current year inspection

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