Before Leaving The Office

Before Leaving the Office

  • Review all NPS comment jobs and plan client interaction

  • Review all job notes and determine if special tools are needed

  • List needed special tools

  • Team member #1 jacket # checked out

  • Team member # 2 jacket # checked out

  • You have updated truck board with your route for truck spot

  • Both team members are in uniforms

  • All doors and windows are secured if no one else is present in office

  • You are 100% committed to delivering WOW to all clients!!!

Recycling Center

Recycling Center

  • All tools from previous team are accounted for

  • List any missing tools

  • Text point any missing tools from previous day

  • Stock tool box: tool roll, respirator, 2 safety glasses, shoulder dolly, hammer

  • 5 or more sawzall blades in tool roll

  • Dolly

  • Sawzall

  • Special tools needed listed on previous page are in truck.

DOT and Truck Tool Check In

DOT and Truck Tool Check In

  • Hatch # 1

  • Spade shovel

  • Flat shovel

  • Metal rake

  • Grass rake

  • Scoop shovel

  • Push broom

  • Sledge hammer

  • Cro-bar

  • Dust pan

  • 1 open and 1 full sleeve of boot protectors

  • 1 open and 1 full box box of garbage bags

  • 1 open and 1 full jug of windshield wiper fluid

  • Hatch #2

  • Tool box and sawzall

  • 75 ft of extension cord

  • 15 lawn signs

  • 15 lawn sign stands

  • Outside of Truck

  • Run truck for 5 mins and check for any fluid leaks

  • Headlights are in working order (high beams too)

  • Front turn signals working

  • Windshield wipers working

  • Front license in place

  • Front tire pressure is okay

  • Front tire tread okay

  • Tarp hoist working

  • Tarp in operable condition

  • Rear tire pressure okay

  • Rear tire tread okay

  • Rear rear brake lights okay

  • Reverse lights okay

  • Rear turn signals okay

  • Rear license in place

  • Ramp and pin secured

  • All 3 latches on rear doors are in working order and secured before leaving

  • Dolly is secured properly to truck

  • Inside of Truck

  • Gas card in place

  • Garage door opener in place

  • 2 hazard triangles

  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • 2 safety vests

  • 2 hard hats

  • Honk sign

  • 2 blue wigs

End of Day Warehouse and Truck Checkout

End of Day Warehouse and Truck Checkout

  • All specials removed from truck

  • Cords cut and specials put away

  • Return dolly, toolbox, sawzall, and other tools to appropriate station

  • Remove tool roll, safety glasses, hammer and masks from tool box and place in proper spot

  • List any tools from your day that went missing

  • Text manager any missing tools from day

  • Truck cleaned of any garbage from the day

  • Lights are turned off

  • Gas card is in place

  • Windows up and doors locked

  • Key returned to lockbox

  • Truck plugged in between December and April if parking at office

  • Warehouse doors are shut

Before Leaving for the Day

Before Leaving for the Day

  • Turn off your route in junknet in office. Closing your route from the iPad is an automatic ps loss

  • Update any job notes as needed and inform point of any job info as needed

  • Update truck board with all info and initial

  • Daily route journal is completed accurately

  • Checks, cash, and credit card receipts match with information entered in route journal

  • All thank you cards are complete and customized to client

  • All coupons are marked with zip and load size

  • All paperwork clipped with proper route clip and dropped in safe

  • Estimates have been emailed to - in subject line put: Estimate job I'd.

  • Text Chris, Grady, Ben and Andrew your route, job revenue and number of jobs

  • 1st team in does welcome calls - must use welcome call button

  • Monday and Thursday 1st team in cleans office - must use checklist

  • Return marketing tub, phone, and iPad to appropriate station

  • Both team members return coat to proper hook

  • If a coat has gone missing must text point who lost It and coat #

  • If open, close office windows

  • Both guys clothes in clothes basket

Profit Share Contract

Profit Share Contract

  • Team member #1

  • I agree that this checklist was completed accurately and in full making me profit share eligible

  • I also understand that if it is found that items on this checklist were not completed in order I automatically lose my profit share for this day and could be subject to further disciplinary action.

  • Sign name here agreeing the two above statements are accurate.

  • Team member # 2

  • I agree that this checklist was completed accurately and in full making me profit share eligible

  • I agree that this checklist was completed accurately and in full making me profit share eligible

  • Sign name here agreeing the two above statements are accurate.

  • Email this completed checklist to In subject line put date and truck # for day.

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