Title Page

  • Flight Location
  • Flight Date and Time

  • Type of Activity

  • Purpose of flight

  • UA Model

  • Pilot-In-Charge

  • UAPL Category

Pre-flight Checks

Regulatory Requirements 🚨

  • UA registered?

  • Checked ONE Map?

  • Checked CAAS Newsroom?

  • Checked MINDEF Advisory?

  • Checked SPF Newsroom?

  • Checked Flywhere app?

  • Activity permit?

Batteries 🔋

  • Batteries fully charged?

  • Batteries in good conditions?

Remote Controller 🎮

  • RC fully charged?

  • Check and update to latest firmware?

  • No visual damage?

  • RC set to P-mode first?

Unmanned Aircraft ✈️

  • UA no visible damage?

  • Check and update latest firmware?

  • Compass calibrated?

  • IMU calibrated?

  • Memory card inserted?

  • Gimbal checked and cover removed?

  • Obstacles Sensors checked?

  • Propellers checked?

  • Motors checked?

  • Battery slotted appropriately?

  • No hazardous substances payload?

Flight Area 🏔

  • Suitable take-off and landing spot?

  • No potential fall from height?

  • No potential slips and trips?

  • Flight area clear?

  • Nearest tallest objects identified?

  • UA RTH altitude set above nearest tallest object?

  • AMSL elevation of flight area identified?

  • UA height limit meeting requirements?

  • UA distance limit set to 200m to maintain VLOS?

  • No nearby ongoing emergency response effort?

Pilot Condition 😎

  • Feeling well?

  • Did not consume alcohol prior to flight?

  • No color blind?

  • Not on medicine that can cause drowsiness?

  • Hydrated and with enough drinking water?

Weather Conditions 🌍

  • UAV Forecast app show ‘Good to Fly’ ?

Post Flight Checks

Batteries 🔋

  • Disconnected from UA?

  • Cool down?

  • No abnormalities?

Unmanned Aircraft ✈️

  • Disarming done?

  • Propellers without damage?

  • Gimbal cover installed back to camera?

  • UA without damage?

  • UA motors allowed to cool down?

  • RC without damage?

  • RC allowed to cool down?

  • Wiping down UA and RC?

Flight Area 🏔

  • Housekeeping done?

  • All equipment packed?

  • Final check done and ready to move out?

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