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Chorus Service Experience(CSE)

  • Has contact been made with the site contact prior to the scheduled appointment by the technician? <br>

  • Do you have confirmation that the site contact is the delegated authority to discuss the survey proposal?

  • Have you confirmed the MDU extent with the site contact with the use of the Survey Plan as reference? <br>

  • Do you have confirmation and photo evidence of the EUP count? <br>

  • Has the survey proposal been discussed with the site contact and agreed upon? <br>

Health & Safety Risks

  • Have you signed onto SiteTRAX & completed daily SWMS before commencing with Survey?(To be done at all times on-site as per scheduled appointment) <br>

  • Have you captured if any EWP is required? Along with the vertical height captured? <br>

  • Have you captured if any ASBESTOS is present on-site? <br>

  • Have you captured if a TMP is required? <br>

  • Is any civil work being done under the dripline of a tree? Have you make a note on Survey Plan that an Arborist report is required? (Contact a FM when in doubt) <br>

  • Have you identified the site as a heritage and is all proposed work within Heritage Chorus practise? (See ND 13021 Chorus) or Contact a FM when in doubt <br>


  • Have you confirmed if a LIC (Lead-In Conduit) is present and feasible with the use of Underground? <br>

  • Have you confirmed enough drops has been left by UFB with the use of NETMAP? <br>

  • Do you as a survey technician have the knowledge and understanding to read NETMAP/Underground plans? <br>

  • Does the Survey Technician want to be shortlisted for Underground/NETMAP training?

Bluebeam Design - Photos

  • Have you captured and identified the UFB drop off location? <br>

  • Any reinstatement required? capture the measurements with photographic evidence

  • Ensure capturing the reinstatement composite along with measurements to indicate the reinstatement required.

  • Have you captured the POE location of the exisitng LIC? <br>

  • Is the existing LIC feasible to use and also has it been rod to prove the continuity of it?

  • Have you captured the pathway for the new LIC? <br>

  • Have you captured the pathway for each individual EUP? <br>

  • Have you captured the FTP location for each EUP?(These has to reflect the exact position/place on the photo where this is to be installed) <br>

  • Have you captured the information to confirm EUP count(letterboxes, Directory boards, photo of each EUP,)? <br>

  • Address verification is important as well when it comes to confirming EUP count ensure capturing each EUP unique address and making note of it on the survey design.

Pole Information

  • Is the lead-in pathway overhead?

  • Have you captured the pole tag?

  • Have you captured the overhead pathway from the pole to the POE of the building? <br>

  • Have you captured what services are connected on top of the pole? <br>

  • Are we working on a WE pole?

  • Complete a CAP(Close Approach Permit)

  • Is any excavation required within a 2.2m radius of a WE pole? This can be inside boundary or outside boundary so take consideration of the pole CAP diameter when excavation is required.

  • Complete a CAP(Close Approach Permit)

Signature on agreed Survey Audit

  • Do you require any training or coaching around the survey work activity?

  • Please provide details on what you want training on?

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