• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Tree Characterics

  • Tree species

  • DBH

  • Number of trunks

  • Height

  • Spread

  • Form

  • Crown class

  • Percent of live crown

  • Age class

  • Pruning history

Tree Health

  • Foliage colour

  • Epicormics

  • Foliage density

  • Leaf size

  • Twig dieback

  • Woundwood development

  • Vigor class

  • Growth Obstructions

  • Major pests/diseases visible

Site conditions

  • Site character

  • Landscape type

  • Recent Site Distrubance

  • Recent site disturbance

  • Pavement lifted

  • Driveway lifted

  • Irrigation

  • % dripline paved

  • % dripline with fill soil

  • % dripline grade lowered

  • Soil Problems

  • Obstruction

  • Exposure to wind

  • Prevailing wind direction


  • Use under tree

  • Can target be moved

  • Can use be restricted

  • Occupancy

Tree defect

  • Suspect root rot

  • Mushroom/conk/bracket present

  • Exposed roots

  • Undermined

  • Roots pruned

  • Roots area affected

  • Buttress wounded

  • Restricted root area

  • Potential for root failure

  • Lean degrees from vertical

  • Lean

  • Soil heaving

  • Decay in plane of lean

  • Roots broke

  • Soil cracking

  • Compounding factors

  • Lean severity

Hazard Rating

  • Tree Part Most likely to fail

  • Inspection period

  • Failure potiential

  • Size of part

  • Target rating

  • Hazard rating


  • Prune

  • Cable/Brace

  • Inspect further

  • Remove tree

  • Replace tree

  • Move target

  • Effect on adjacent trees

  • Notification

  • Date of notification

  • Comments

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