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  • Client / Site

  • Work Being Inspected

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Pre-work Inspection

  • JHA’s completed for all work and available on the job

  • People on job read and understood JHA

  • People understand scope of works required

  • Work permits/isolation completed

  • Signs and barricades correctly placed and in position

  • Emergency Response Plan in place

  • Suitable precautions to take in account current weather conditions

  • Earth leakage protective devices provided and being used

  • Lighting sufficient for work being done

  • Ventilation sufficient for work being done

  • Access clear, no obstructions to exit ways

  • Housekeeping of an appropriate standard

  • Appropriate PPE available and in use

  • Are there SIMOP's

Critical Risk Management - Tick applicable CRM tasks being conducted and ensure hold point is included in JHA.

  • Working at Height

  • Operation of Mobile Plant

  • Working in Confined Spaces

  • Excavation and Trenching

  • Cranes and Lifting Operations

  • Energy Isolation

  • Working with Electricity

  • Managing Traffic

  • Working with Asbestos (ACM)

  • Handling and Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Area Photographs

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