Title Page

  • Address / Council ID

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Audit & Entry


  • Property Name

  • Property Owner

  • Date & Time

  • Entry available?

  • Safe to enter?

  • Owner/tenant available?

  • Comments

  • Type of Inspection


  • Type of system

  • Bedrooms servicing

  • Occupants?

  • Tank structure

  • Comment

  • T-piece?

  • Prevents the spread of disease by micro-organisms?

  • Prevents persons coming into contact with untreated sewage or effluent?

  • No smell present?

  • Prevents insects and vermin from entering system?

  • Add media

Disposal Area

  • Type of disposal

Surface irrigation

  • Sprinkler head meets AS/NZS (1547:2012)?

  • How many sprinklers?

  • Does the effluent hose meet AS/NZS (1547:2012)?

  • Are effluent sprinklers within approved area?

  • No pooling present?

  • No smell present?

  • Correct signage?

  • >6m up-gradient & >3m down-gradient of driveways/property boundaries

  • >6m to swimming pools

  • >15m to dwellings

  • Satisfactory?

  • Comment

ETA bed/Trench

  • Can you identify the ETA bed/Trench?

  • Size?

  • No signs of failure?

Buffer distances

  • Distance to permanent water source

  • Distance to ground water well

  • Distance to other water sources (dams, intermittent waterways, drainage channels)

  • Comments

  • Add media

Inspection Summary

  • Satisfactory?

  • Risk rating

  • Fees

  • Comment

  • Date of reinspection if applicable

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