• 1.1 Is all fire safety equipment clear of obstructions and immediately accessible? (Fire hoses, pull stations and fire extinguishers)

  • 1.2 Are all emergency exit doors clear of obstructions and debris internally?

  • 1.3 Are emergency exit signs placed at exits, lit and clearly visible?

  • 1.4 Are all ceiling tiles intact and in place?

  • 1.5 Are all stairwells kept clear of equipment or any debris?

Risk Management & First Aid

  • 2.1 Are all First Aid kits fully stocked?

  • 2.2 Are fully stocked first aid kits available and accessible at all times? This includes common areas.

  • 2.3 Does the customer service desk have blank incident report forms?

  • 2.4 Are all AED's accessible for staff and public?


  • 3.1 Are entrances, emergency exits, and pathways kept clear of snow, ice, and other accumulations?

  • 3.2 Are floors, walkways, ramps, and stairs in good condition and clear of slipping and tripping hazards?

  • 3.3 Are persons who are smoking at least 8 meters (25 feet) away from building entrances?

  • 3.4 Are all exterior doors closed and secured?


  • 4.1 Is equipment, tools and materials stored so as not to create a risk to the safety of a person or safe operation?

  • 4.2 Is racking, frames, and shelves in good condition, not damaged, and not overloaded?

  • 4.3 Are the aluminum bleachers stored in a secure manner?

  • 4.4 Are the pull out bleachers pushed back to their proper closing position?

  • 4.5 Are all tables and chairs not being used, stored in their proper location?


  • 5.1 Are all lights fully operational?


  • 6.1 Are work areas free from the use of electrical extension cords and power bars (except for temporary use)?

  • 6.2 Are space heaters being used in a safe manner and location?

  • 6.3 Are electrical panels, switch gear, and similar equipment easily accessible and a minimum of 1 meter clearance?


  • 7.1 Is flooring free of any cracks and damage?

  • 7.2 Are all floor hole covers in place and secure?

  • 7.3 Are all basketball backboards visibly safe and secure?

  • 7.4 Are drop down dividing curtains in good operational order?

  • 7.5 Is the pool free of any issues? (Ie. water level low, broken tiles)

  • 7.6 Are archery nets up and secured properly?


  • 8.1 Is the facility leak free (ie. floor, ceiling, toilets)?

  • 8.2 Is the sauna free of any fire hazards?

  • 8.3 Are all security cameras in place?

  • 8.4 Is padding secured to the wall properly?

  • 8.5 Are all doors to interior secure spaces closed?

  • 8.6 Are all interior doors open/closed/operational as they are supposed to be?

  • 8.7 Are all exterior doors clear of obstructions and debris?

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