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1.0 Weather Forecasts

  • 1.1 Has the long term weather forecast been obtained and checked for the duration of the task?

  • 1.2 Has the short term local weather forecast been obtained and checked for the duration of the operations?

  • 1.3 Has the local tidal data been obtained and checked for the area of operation. Are tide currents suitable for the operations being undertaken?

  • 1.4 Provide any additional information on weather conditions for the dynamic risk assessment.

2.0 Task Dynamic Risk Assessment

  • 2.1 Is there a permit to work in place for the task being undertaken?

  • 2.2 Is the permit to work signed off, in date and on display in the relevant locations?

  • 2.3 Has the daily briefing with the relevant operating authorities been undertaken to outline the scope of work for the day

  • 2.4 Has the toolbox talk been undertaken with the dive team and everyone aware of their responsibilities?

3.0 Emergency Arrangements

  • 3.1 Emergency response arrangements in place to recover an injured diver or member of crew?

  • 3.2 Communication, roles and responsibilities clearly understood with operating authorities?

  • 3.3 Standby diver briefed and ready for operations?

4.0 Equipment Checks

  • 4.1 Diving Equipment Checked and Operational

  • 4.2 Diving Air Equipment checked and operational

  • 4.3 Lifting Equipment checked and operational

  • 4.4 Safety Equipment checked and in good working order

  • 4.5 Working deck tidy and being managed for operations

  • 4.6 Display flags, notices and signs ready for deployment

5.0 Stop/Go Decision

  • 5.1 Dive supervisor has cleared operations to commence?

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