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UST Walkthrough Inspection

  • To be conducted at least every 30 days (except spill prevention equipment at UST systems receiving deliveries at intervals greater than every 30 days may be checked prior to each delivery), check your spill prevention equipment and release detection equipment. Annually, check your containment sumps and any handheld release detection equipment.

Spill prevention equipment

  • Check for damage

  • Remove any liquid or debris

  • Check for and remove any obstructions in the fill pipe

  • Check the fill cap to make sure it is securely on the fill pipe

  • Double walled spill prevention equipment with interstitial monitoring check for a leak in the interstitial area

Release detection equipment

  • Ensure it is operating with no alarms or other unusual operating conditions present

  • Ensure records of release detection testing are reviewed and current

Containment sumps

  • Check for damage, leaks into the containment area, or releases to the environment

  • Remove any liquid or debris

  • Double walled containment sumps with interstitial monitoring check for a leak in the interstitial area

Hand held release detection equipment (for example tank gauge sticks or groundwater bailers)

  • Check for operability and serviceability

  • Confined space entry?

Hydrant pits

  • Check for any damage

  • Remove any liquid or debris

  • Check for any leaks

Hydrant piping vaults

  • Check for any hydrant piping leaks


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