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1. Foundation

  • Are there any visible cracks?

  • Is discoloration present?

  • Are there any puddles of stored material?

  • Are there signs of settlement?

  • Are there signs of washout near the concrete ring?

2. Site Drainage

  • Is the site draining away from the tank?

  • Are the dike drains operating properly?

  • Are the drain valves closed?

  • Are there any signs of product leakage?

3. Tank Shell

  • Are there any signs of paint failure, pitting, or corrosion?

  • Are any flanges, valves, or bolts leaking?

  • Is the insulation sealed around all manways and nozzles?

  • Are any mixer motors leaking?

4. Piping and Manifolds

  • Is the the piping supported properly?

  • Are the signs of excess pipe deflection?

  • Are any flanges or valves leaking?

  • Are there any signs of excess corrosion or pitting?

5. Area

  • Is there a buildup of trash or dead vegetation in the area?

6. Dike Walls

  • Are there any signs of excess erosion, settlement, or breaching at the dike walls?

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