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  • School or Department Health & Safety Inspection Checklist

  • Conducted on:

  • Inspection carried out by:

  • Building/area/floor:
  • Date of previous inspection:

  • Date of next inspection:

  • The purpose of the inspection is to provide a report on the adequacy of the University Health and Safety arrangements. The completed inspection reports must be forwarded to the Head of School/Department concerned. It is the responsibility of the Head of School/Department to see that all actions and deficiencies raised in the inspections are actioned or referred to the appropriate department for action.

Working Environment

Working Environment

  • Is the working environment too hot or cold?

  • Is there adequate ventilation?

  • Is the lighting level adequate?

  • Is the environment too dusty?

  • Health & Safety notice displayed?

  • Is the working environment too noisy?



  • Is there any portable electrical equipment?

  • Is all portable equipment tested and labelled?

  • Trailing leads?

  • Are all electrical leads free from damage?

  • Sockets overloaded?


Machinery and Equipment

  • Is there any machinery or equipment

  • All guards kept in place?

  • Kept clean of rubbish?

  • Safety warning notices in place?

  • Suitable and sufficient maintenance programme?

  • Suitable and sufficient risk assessments in place?

  • Emergency stop buttons fitted?



  • Are there any hazardous chemicals?

  • Is there exposure to dust, fumes, vapours, mists, nanotechnology, gasses and biological agents?

  • Exposure adequately controlled?

  • Suitable and sufficient COSHH assessments in place?

  • Data sheet information available?

  • Spillage procedures in place?

  • Correctly stored?

  • Arrangements for correct disposal?

  • Flammable liquids correctly stored/signed?

Eyewash Bottles/Cylinders

Eyewash Bottles

  • In date?

  • Full?

  • Correctly stored/fixed?

Kitchen Areas

Kitchen Areas

  • Is this a kitchen area inspection?

  • Safety notices in place?

  • Cleaning schedule in place?

Fire Precautions

Fire Precautions

  • Fire exit routes, clear and unobstructed and free from any combustible material?

  • Are fire doors wedged open?

  • Emergency exits clearly signed?

  • Final fire exit doors (to outside) open freely?

  • Fire Extinguishers in place (not missing from brackets)?

  • Fire extinguishers seal tags are in place?

  • Extinguishers Identification label in place?

Fire Instructions

Fire Instructions

  • Fire action notices (with correct fire assembly point address) in place?

  • Not damaged or defaced?

First Aid

First Aid

  • Emergency telephone number displayed and advice on how to call first aider

  • Is a first aid box available?

Outside Areas

Outside Areas

  • Is this an inspection for outside areas?

  • Roadways in good condition?

  • Pavements in good condition?

  • Access ramps in place?

  • Steps clear of obstructions and clean?

  • Hand rails in good condition?

  • All lights working?

  • Cycle racks being used?

  • All notices in place?



  • Is there a PPE requirement for this work area?

  • Correct type for hazard identified?

  • Good condition?

  • Correctly stored?



  • Inspection area tidy, clean and well organised?

  • Access ways unobstructed?

  • Are there any slip or trip hazards (including floor finishes)?

  • All equipment stored under correct conditions?

  • Rubbish disposal area clean and clear?

  • Sharps removal procedure in place?

Material Storage

Material Storage

  • Correctly stored?

  • Shelving not overloaded/stacked correctly?

  • Shelving in good condition?

  • Suitable access to high level storage?


Ladders/Stepladders and/or scaffold towers

  • Are there ladders/stepladders or scaffold towers in this area?

  • Procedure for inspection/records?

  • Equipment in good condition?

  • Department ID/marking?

  • Procedure for use?

Toilet Facilities

Toilet Facilities

  • Is this an inspection for toilet facilities?

  • Toilet area clean and tidy?

  • Adequate soap?

  • Hand towels/drying facilities in place and working?

  • Adequate toilet paper?

  • Sanitary disposal in place?

  • Sanitary vending in place?

  • Walls and surfaces clean?

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