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  • Site conducted: Dilkon Medical Center/ DMC

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by:

  • Location: Elevator #1- #2; Corridor 01-15-146/ Lobby

  • Location: Elevator #3 - #4; Corridor 01- 10- 12/ Hallway

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  • Follow site safety procedures and your supervisor instructions.

  • Fixtures: Verify the emergency lighting operates properly.

  • Fixtures: Verify overhead lights and ventilation systems are operating properly.

  • Starting and stopping: Do elevators hesitate at floors too long after buttons are pressed? Do they start and stop unexpectedly or uncomfortably.

  • Leveling: Does the car level with the floor at each stop so passengers will not trip?

  • Verify elevator service is adequate for daily passenger traffic loads.

  • Safety Features: Verify elevator car room floor, push button panels and handrails are clean.

  • Safety Features: Verify the emergency Alarm bell, Intercom, and Telephone are operating properly.

  • Safety Features: Verify Fire Extinguishers are located covenient to the elevator access doors.

  • Record and report any equipment damage or Deficiencies found during this maintenance task.

  • Evaluate elevator performance.

  • Record PM(Preventive Maintenance) results in the CMMS system.

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