General inspection items

  • Occupancy level and any activities going on at the time of the inspection.

COVID-19 Controls

  • Are hand washing points/hand sanitiser available at entrances and exits to facilities?

  • Are users following social distancing rules?

  • Are users following guidance on use of face coverings?

  • Are records of regular cleaning being kept?


  • Are signs and notices clear and relevant?

  • Are risk assessments for laboratories and equipment displayed and up to date, and do they adequately cover the hazards? If not displayed, are they suitably communicated?

  • PPE (Personal protective equipment). Lab coats, safety glasses and disposable gloves should be worn as a minimum if working with chemicals. Safety footwear should be worn when working with heavy items. Disposable gloves/contaminated clothing should be removed before leaving the laboratory to prevent cross contamination.

  • Are personnel wearing the correct PPE and is it in good condition?

  • Is suitable PPE readily available and stored appropriately?

Housekeeping and premises


  • Are floors and walkways clean and free from clutter and trip hazards?

  • Are benches and work surfaces clean and free from clutter and items not in use?

  • Are personal belongings stored appropriately to avoid trip hazards and cross contamination?

  • Is general laboratory waste separated and stored appropriately, and removed regularly?

  • Are samples and materials clearly labelled and stored appropriately.


  • Are hand washing facilities available, clean and in good condition?

  • Are floor areas, walkway and work surfaces in good condition and suitable for the task they are used for?

  • Is lighting working, and does it provide adequate illumination for the tasks?

  • Is the area a comfortable temperature/is the heating working correctly?

Fire safety

  • Fire exits and exit routes are clearly signed and unobstructed internally and externally.

  • Are suitable fire extinguishers in a dedicated location, unobstructed, and have they been serviced within the last 12 months?

  • Fire doors are not propped open.

  • Are flammable and combustible materials stored appropriately and away from heat sources?

First Aid

  • Is there an up to date list of first aiders?

  • Are first aid kit locations labelled?

  • Are first aid kits fully stocked and in date?

  • Are eye wash stations or kits available and are they in date?

Gas safety

  • Gas cylinders in use are stored upright and secured.

  • Regulators are suitable for the type of gas, tagged and in date.

  • Pipework and fittings are in good condition

  • Empty cylinders and those not intended for use in the near future have been removed.

  • Oxygen depletion alarm and extraction is functioning correctly.

  • External storage areas are unobstructed, clearly signed and cylinders are segregated appropriately.

Chemical safety

  • Are substances not in use stored in suitable locations and segregated appropriately?

  • Are substances stored in suitable containers and are they clearly labelled?

  • Are COSHH assessments in place for substances in use?

  • Is there an inventory and is it up to date?

  • Are MSDS readily available?

  • Is there a suitable chemical spill kit readily available with instructions on its use?

  • Are waste materials clearly labelled and stored in a suitable location for collection?

  • Are food and drink suitable isolated from hazardous materials?

Electrical safety

  • Does electrical equipment have a current PAT test certificate?

  • Are sockets and extension leads loaded appropriately?

  • Are cables tidy and routed safely?

Other comments & observations

  • Please detail any other observations or comments by users (positive and negative) that are not covered by previous sections.

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