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Job Planning

  • Is all required information complete, accurate and legible?

  • Is the JSA written for the specific task the crew is performing?

  • Does the JSA identify obvious hazards that could lead to an accident, injury or illness?

  • Are hazards identified on the Task Hazard Assessment and managed (eliminated, controlled or mitigated) on the JSA?

  • Was the hazard See-it wheel used in creating the JSA?

  • Does the JSA address the specific PPE required for the hazards listed?

  • Does the JSA address the hazards of the tools and equipment being used?

  • Does the JSA address appropriate body position, Safety In Motion techniques and "line of fire" issues?

  • Does the JSA clearly identify (names) SSEs and mentors, if applicable?

  • If required, did the team make changes to an existing work procedure or practice for site specific Hazards or change in scope?

  • Have the recommended mitigation actions and /or procedures been put into place? (On site assessments only)


  • Are all employees on site aware of where they are on the JSA and referenced SOP's?

  • Have other contract workers been involved in sharing as appropriate?


  • Do employees understand the steps until the next natural break?


  • If there are required references identified (e.g. Procedures, etc.), are these documents attached to the JSA or otherwise readily available?


  • Are all required Permit to Work documents current, signed and attached to the job plan?


  • As applicable, is Meet and Greet properly supported?


  • Are employees prepared to support the debrief at the end of the job?

  • Are you satisfied with the overall quality of the JSA?

  • Additional comments

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  • Did you provide feedback to the crew on your assessment?

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