Type of Inspection


Enter names of Workers on site

Fusion number/Vehicle ID

Size of Panel being Installed


Task being carried out

Weather Conditions? (Dry, Windy, Fine etc.)

Working at Heights

Are harnesses and lanyards worn over 2 meters?

Are there ladder stops (brackets) at the top of the billboard?

Are ladders being used by one Worker only?

Do gantries or walkways have edge protection in the form of handrails or similar?

Protection Equipment & Clothing

Are gloves being worn if necessary for safe work?

Are reflective Hi-Vis vests (PPE) or shirts being worn?

Is sunscreen and long sleeve shirts available?

Are safety boots being worn?

Is a helmet being worn?

If required, are safety glasses being worn?

Hazardous Material

Are hazardous material used on site?

Is there a hazardous substance register? Are MSDS's available?

Is there a hazardous substance register? Are MSDS's available?

Work Environment

Is floor or surface around installation site even?

Ladder adjuster/leveller on ladder to adjust unevenness used?

If raining, is wet weather clothing being worn?

If applicable, is access gate locked if unattended?

Are public areas clean and tidy,clear of trip and slip hazards and exits clear from obstruction?

Are work areas clean and tidy,clear of trip and slip hazards and exits clear from obstruction?

If working at night, is there suitable lighting to carry out work safely?

Are emergency procedures displayed and understood by all Workers?

Is there a fully stocked first aid kit on site?

Is there a designated First Aider on site?

Environment Control: are noise, dust, water run off, sedimentation adequately controlled?

Have appropriate permits been issued (hot work, tools of trade, confined space etc.)?

Has dial before you dig been completed for excavation work?

TRANSIT: are bus warning signs in use on the front door?

TRANSIT: has the worksite been cordoned off using witches hats?


Are all Workers carrying their APNO Photo ID?

Are all Workers carrying their WorkCover card (White/Blue/Red)?

Have all Workers bee inducted at this site/depot?

SSMP Site Safety Management Plan (including Emergency Response Plan) on site?

Pre-Work checklist completed?

Is the SWMS on site?

Was a site risk assessment carried out before work commenced?

Has a toolbox talk been completed (to be detailed on the Pre-work)?

Is there an Authorised Incident Report Form on site?


If required, did the work party sign in?

Is there a minimum of 1 functioning mobile phone on site?

At the job is 2 workers, have correct ladder footing procedures been completed?

Any behaviour problems when instructed on WHS?


Is the vehicle parked legally and safely?

Have safety cones / hazard lights / PPE in vehicles been deployed appropriately?

Insert photo of vehicle parking

Electrical & Tools

Are there electrical hazards on site?

Have Workers undertaken Electrical Safety Course?

Are long metal objects used for this job (tracking, poles)?

When removing lengthy metal tracking from skin, is there a 3m clearance from OHPL?

Are electrical leads, power boxes & tools checked and tagged?

is installers equipment in good and safe working order?

Post Assessment

Any comments or notes?

Discussion with work party

Any non conformances?

List non conformances

Corrective actions required

Inspectors name and mobile number
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.