Living room

  • Did the cleaner vacuum the property correctly? Check under couches and tables...

  • Was the floor mopped properly?

  • Ceiling fans, blinds, TV, remote, picture frames, knickknacks and lamps are dusted and polished?

  • Windows and sliding glass doors are clean

  • The sofa bed is free of crumbs, sand and hair?

  • There should be a mattress protector on the pull out sofa?

  • An extra wrap of clean sheets should be placed in the property for sofa bed use

  • The wastebaskets have fresh liners?


  • Appliances are clean, free of sticky spots, fingerprints and food residue

  • The fridge is totally clean of food including the shelves, bins, and door shelves. Everything is empty and wiped out.

  • The dishwasher is empty, no objects or food at the bottom of the dishwasher and the doors wiped down

  • Stove top is clean and polished. No burned food on or around the burners!

  • The oven is clean and free of burnt on food. there is no grease on the oven window.

  • Microwave is clean on all sides including underneath of the plate and on the top of the microwave.

  • Toaster is free of crumbs and underneath of the toaster is crumb free.

  • The kitchen drawers are crumb free, organized and all of the dishes are clean

  • Coffee maker: the decanter is clean, no filter inside, if it is a Keurig make sure there is no k cup inside!

  • Under the kitchen sink there is no towels, grocery bags etc. only dish drying rack!

  • Dishes, pots, glasses, silverware look clean and properly arranged in good condition and none are missing

  • The floor is swept and mopped properly


  • Bed linens are clean, and not worn!

  • Waste baskets empty with fresh liners

  • Bare floors are swept and mopped including under the area rugs

  • Beds are made professionally

  • Check all the ads for Sandie sheets and comforters

  • Furniture and mirrors are dusted, upholstery is vacuumed and toss pillows are clean and fluffed

  • Drawers are wiped out and there is no personal belongings left behind from previous guests

  • Closets are empty, wire hangers are removed and hangers are pushed to the side. Any extra pillows and blankets are organized and the floors vacuumed

  • Alarm clocks have correct time

  • Window ledges/sills and tracks are clean no fingerprints or bugs

  • Waste baskets are empty and clean with two fresh liners


  • Drains are clear, no clogs in there is no build up around the edge including hair

  • Throw rugs are clean with no spots and not frayed or worn looking. Check throw rugs for human and pet hair left behind...

  • Vanity drawers empty, no towels under sink or in drawers! Drawers are vacuumed and wiped out free of hair.

  • Tub, shower, sink, vanity and backsplash clean and shiny. No residue, sticky spots, everything is bleached and mold free.

  • Waste baskets are empty and clean with fresh liners

  • The toilet is clean on all sides of the lid and seat, bowl, lip, tank, base especially at the sealant and hinges!!!!!

  • Chrome and other color fixtures are clean, no build up around the edges and the drains are shiny?

  • Mirrors are clean, free of fingerprints, streaks, lint? Light fixtures cleaned and dusted

  • Each guest needs of one washcloth, one hand towel, two bath towels plus one shower mat her bath. Were you provided with enough towels

  • Bars of bath soap, conditioner, shampoo and toilet paper were placed correctly in the bathroom

  • The bathtub is clean? Any rust or scratches/paint wearing?

  • The floors are vacuumed and mopped properly?

Laundry room

  • Sink and counters are clean, no stains and the chrome is shined. No hair or lint found!

  • Washer and dryer are empty, clean inside and out

  • The lint trap is clean in the dryer?

  • Shelves and cabinets: items are organized and shelves are clean

  • Floors are swept and mopped including behind the door

Porches, patios, pool areas

  • Patio furniture is clean and straightened

  • Does the pool need cleaning?

  • Any bugs are removed as well as the floor is vacuumed

  • The grill is clean and free of burnt on food.

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