• Valparaiso University Building Service Audit II

Valparaiso University Building Service Inspection

Cleaning Employee/Employee's

  • Is the team member wearing the supplied uniform or approved substitute, including safety shoes?<br><br>

  • Are all chemicals and equipment on the cart approved?<br>

  • Is equipment clean?

  • Is store room clean and presentable?

  • Is there a current section expectation list on the cart or in the closet?<br>

  • Comments

General Inspection of common areas

  • Floors clean?

  • Dusting of picture frames and wall fittings done?

  • Detailed cleaning done properly?

  • Ceilings clean?

  • Waste receptacle clean?

  • Are all accessible facing windows clean?

  • Area the cleaners using the cleaning equipment correctly?

  • Comments


  • Waste bins cleaned regularly?

  • Is the floor finish/carpet clean? Including corners and doorways?<br>

  • Are ceilings and walls dust free and clean? Are visible marks and scuffs removed?<br>

  • Are light fixtures lighted and free of debris and insects?

  • Comments

Front Reception Area/Main Entryway

  • Seating area clean and presentable?

  • Dusting done in accessible area's?

  • Entrance Carpets clean and vacuumed?

  • All accessible windows cleaned?

  • Are mats clean and salt free?<br>

  • All sofa arranged properly

  • All elevators cleaned and stainless steel polished<br><br>

  • Terrazzo floor clean and polished to a uniform sheen

  • All accessible handrails,balustrades,and internal glass clean

  • Comments

Class rooms, auditorium,lecture theaters,library sports center and offices

  • Are all desks, tables, work stations and chairs clean and staged?

  • Are all fixtures ,awards, picture frames clean?<br>

  • Are all shelves and furniture dusted and tidy

  • Are all walls below two meters dusted regularly

  • Are all door mats cleaned and vacuumed regularly as required

  • Are all internal glass and partitions clean and smudge free

  • Are all curtains and blinds clean

  • Are all carpets vacuumed

  • Are all floors clean, dust free and with an even sheen

  • Are all waste bins emptied, the liners replenished and the receptacles clean? <br>

  • Comments

Public toilets

  • Basins clean?

  • Urinals clean?

  • Toilets clean?

  • Floors clean?

  • Walls and doors clean?

  • Waste bins clean?

  • Hygiene done regularly?


  • Is base of chair or legs dusted and/or wiped clean?

  • Are window blinds dusted and clean?

  • Are all open flat surfaces dusted?

  • Is all accessible carpet cleaned?

Authorisation signatures

  • Team Leader

  • Team Member

  • Team Member

  • Assistant Director

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