GRH3.2 Airside Operations- bag room set up.

3.2.1 Was the bag room set up when check-in opened? (barrows, extra bag tags etc)

3.2.2 Are ramp agents checking bag tags to ensure bags are load onto the correct barrows?

3.2.3 Are barrows correctly loaded ( to correct height) and are tarpolines used in inclement weather?

3.2.4 Are restricted items being segregated as required, are they correctly tagged and is AMCO being advised of the details?

3.2.5 Is the process for guests reclaiming checked baggage understood, including the requirement for re-screening and a staff member to be present?

3.2.6 Are priority and connection bags sorted together for ease of loading?

3.2.7 Is the domestic/international transfer baggage process robust?

3.2.8 Are AAA requirements being met including production of the hold baggage declaration?

GRH3.2 Pre-arrival

3.2.9 Are pre-flight briefings being held with inbound and outbound loads communicated to the agents?

3.2.10 Did PCL/delegate obtain the inbound and outbound LIR and communicate the content to his team members?

3.2.11 Were all ramp staff on bay by -5 and ready for the arrival with chocks, wands, headset available and was GSE behind the equipment lines?

3.2.12 Were FOD checks completed prior to a/c arrival? Were there adequate FOD bins available?

3.2.13 Are spill kits available?

3.2.14 Was the aerobridge correctly in the "home" position and unimpeded by GSE?

3.2.15 Were staff aware of fuelling hazards and the location of the emergency fuel shut off, showers and eye wash stations?

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