• Vehicle audit

  • Conducted on:

  • Auditor:

  • Driver:



  • Make:

  • Plate Number:


  • Add media

  • Does the van smell fresh

  • Food residue removed from seats, door pockets and floor

  • All windows free from dirt and sticky marks

  • Finger prints dirty hand marks on steering wheel,door handles and interior trim removed

  • Food wrappers drinks bottles and cans removed

  • Windscreen safe for use

  • Door Locks working correctly

  • Seatbelts clean and working

  • Interior Lights working

  • Mirrors intact and operational

Engine Compartment

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  • Is engine bay leak free

  • Windshield washer full and working

  • Engine oil level to correct markers

  • Coolant level to correct markers

  • Brake Fluid to correct level


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  • Rainbow International livery fully intact

  • Correct phone number and livery on vehicle

  • Any external defects or damage?<br>

  • Exterior clean

  • Windowscreen washers working correctly

  • Windshield wiper working correctly

  • Headlights working correctly

  • Side lights, indicators, Tail Lights, brake Lights, number plate lights working correctly

  • Brakes working correctly

  • Tyres in good condition, correct pressure and tread depth

  • Bald tires

  • Not inflated properly

  • Damaged tires

  • Horn working

  • Wheels nuts tight and checked

Cargo area of vehicle

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  • Equipment loaded showing current PAT test sticker

  • Spray bottles correctly labelled if full or empty

  • COSSH folder present and up to date

  • Roadside emergency kit present

  • Ratchet straps present for securing loads and being used

  • Floor and tie bars secure

  • All product bottles correctly labelled

  • Clean and tidy

First aid

  • Add media

  • Is first aid box present

  • Is there latex glove in Side?

  • Are there sterile wipes minimum three

  • Are there mixed plasters minimum five

  • Are there sterile first aid dressings minimum five

  • Are there bandage wraps minimum five


  • Add media

  • Dust masks present and clean

  • Hard hats present and clean

  • Safety goggles present

  • Respiratory present

  • Hi viz vests or jackets present

  • Wellington boots present

  • Rigor heavy duty gloves present

  • Disposable white suits present

  • Latex gloves present

  • Overshoes present

Corporate identity

  • Add media

  • Rainbow ID badge worn or present

  • Rainbow shirt and tie worn

  • Rainbow polo shirt present in van for manual works

  • Steel toe cap shoes or boots worn

  • Rainbow out door coat on board

Minimum equipment kept on van

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  • Wet floor signs present

  • What happens next booklets present

  • Butyl tape present

  • Sanitiser present

  • 4 furniture blankets present

  • 6 flat boxes present

  • Brown packaging tape

  • Roll of self adhesive ID labels present

  • Selection of furniture tie on ID tags present

  • Wrapping paper (chip) present

  • Rainbow walk off mat present

  • Roll off mats to put equipment on when working present

  • Tool box present

  • Vacuum cleaner present

  • Moisture meter present

  • Humidity boxes present

  • Drill and drill bits present

  • Stanley knife present

  • Spare blades present

  • Pry bar present

  • 1 dehumidifier present

  • 2 air movers present

  • 2 extension leads present

  • Additional comments/observation

  • Observation
  • Add observations/comments here.


  • I hereby certify that all information is accurate and that an actual inspection was conducted.

  • Auditor's Printed Name & Signature

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