Summary of identified issues.

1. Vehicles (AV)
Vehicle details:



Health and Safety

1.1 Driver's cab safety belts functional?

1.2 Safety belts in the rear functional?

1.3 Fire extinguisher in the front?

Expiring date

1.4 Fire extinguisher in the back?

Expiring date

1.5 Tyres in good condition?

1.6 Front window in good condition?

1.7 Aircon working?

1.8 Seating in the vehicle up to standard?

1.9 Bullet proof vests issued to personnel?

Any additional comment

2. Vehicle Safes

2.1 A safe working?

2.2 Safe drawer secure?

2.3 Handle fitted to the safe?

2.4 Keypad fitted to the safe?

2.5 Keypad working?

2.6 Safe door working?

Any additional comment

3. Security Systems

3.1 VMS secured in AV?

3.2 VTD secured in the AV?

3.3 Mixtelematix in working order?

3.4 Mixtelematix monitor working?

3.5 Camera working?

3.6 Intercom working?

3.7 Interlocking working?

3.8 VLD in working order?

3.9 System box secured and sealed?

Any additional comment

4. Operational

4.1 No bags left in the crew compartment / vault?

4.2 No bags left in the CPC?

4.3 Banking padlock key not on the AV?

4.4 Crew key not left in the vault door?

4.5 Cross pavement limits Not exceeded in CPC?

4.6 Servo plate secure?

4.7 Gun ports closed?

4.8 AV licence disk current?

Any additional comment

5. Personnel

5.1 Driver firearm competency certificate valid?

5.2 Driver firearm permit up to date?

5.3 Drivers firearm in good condition?

5.4 Driver neatly dressed and clean shaven?

5.5 Crewman firearm competency certificate valid?

5.6 Crewman firearm permit up to date?

5.7 Crewman firearm in good condition?

5.8 Crewman neatly dressed and shaven?

5.9 Third man firearm competency certificate valid?

5.10 Third man firearm permit up to date?

5.11 Firearm in good condition?

5.12 Third man neatly dressed and clean shaven?

Any additional info

Follow up on the Corrective Action regarding Vehicles.
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