Title Page

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Conducted on

  • Allocated Technician

Vehicle Maintenance Check

  • Vehicle odometer Reading:

  • Vehicle Rego expiry:

  • Vehicle WOF expiry

  • RUC info: Supply photo

  • Date it was last serviced:

  • Date/KM's next service is due:

  • Possible notes from last service:

Basic Toolkit

  • General Tools - smaller items

  • Toolbox 21" or better

  • Kevlar Scissors

  • Screwdriver Set - square drive, flathead, phillips

  • Side cutters

  • Long nose pliers

  • Krone Tool

  • Test butt/test phone

  • Pipe cutters

  • Pipe bender

  • Hammer - claw hammer

  • Spirit level

  • Tape measure

  • Staple Gun

  • Fibre stripping tool

  • Trenching shovel

  • Garden trowel

  • Umbrella/Rain protection


  • Long wood drill bit 10mmx600mm/460mm

  • Long masonry drill bit 10mmx600mm/460mm

  • 5mm masonry drill bit

  • 10mm wooden drill bit

  • 3mm wood/metal drill bit


  • Drill

  • Comments:

  • Serial/ID of drill:

  • Splicer/ cleaver

  • Splicer serial number:

  • Type/Make of splicer:

  • FIP (Fibre Inspection Probe)

  • Serial number:

  • Tech demonstrated how to use FIP tester and understands what to look for:

  • VFL - light source

  • Power Metre and Leads

  • Tech demonstrated and knows how to use Power Metre and understands acceptable loss levels:

  • Mobile phone

  • iCloud account signed in of phone:

  • Ladder - step ladder

  • Mini step ladder

  • Date Ladders inspected:

HSE - health and Safety

  • NOTE:
    All employees are to wear their allocated PPE on all sites for their own safety, but are also required to setup basic site safety in areas where a particular task might affect the safety of others/individuals in the vicinity of your task.

    Basics to be worn at all times:
    - Bump-cap/hard hat
    - Hi-Vis vest/jacket
    - steel cap boots
    - safety glasses
    - cut proof gloves (available onsite)

  • Signature of technician: ( acknowledgement that you understand your rewuirements)

  • Cones x3

  • Barriers x 2

  • Safety Glasses

  • Bump Cap

  • Steelcap Boots

  • Cut proof gloves

  • Hi-vis gear

  • First Aid Kit

  • Missing items if not fully stocked:

  • Fire Exstinguisher:

  • Expiry Date of Exstinguisher

General comments

  • Supply any additional information to validate/support findings:

Technician Acknowledement:

    The employer and employee will, before using any tools and equipment, finalise and sign an inventory specifying description, number of, and condition of the tools.


    If damages are caused due to individual's negligence and irresponsibility ( other than general wear and tear) the employee understands and agrees that potential deductions will take place for the repair/replacementof the item damaged/lost.

  • Signature of technician:

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