• Keys and/or locks that are damaged, obsolete or no longer required must be returned to the key / lock custodian so they can be destroyed in such a manner so as to render them unrecognisable and unrecoverable

Key/Lock Disposal Request

  • Key/lock destruction disposal request details should be recorded below, signed off by the key/lock custodian and approval by the state customer service manager

  • Name of Custodian Requesting Key/Lock Disposal

  • Date of Key/Lock Disposal Request

  • Type of Key/Lock

  • Serial Number

  • Key Description

  • Reason for Key/Lock Disposal Request

  • Signature of Key/Lock Custodian

  • Name of CCA Manager Approving Key/Lock Disposal

  • Signature of CCA Approver

  • Approval Date

  • Keys/locks are to be packed with the original form for transfer to EQS, they are to be taken to EQS by a responsible staff member. Details of the staff member responsible for delivering the keys for destruction and expected arrival date should be captured

Key/Lock Disposal Transfer

  • Name of CCA Transfer Person

  • Date to be Delivered to EQS

  • I the key/lock disposal transfer person agree to transfer the identified keys to EQS for distruction

  • Signature of Disposal Transfer Person

Record of Actual Key/Lock Disposal

  • Once the keys/locks arrive at the EQS Workshop that locks and keys are either placed in a vice or hit with a large hammer where they are destroyed. During this process the record of actual key/lock disposal of the key/lock disposal form is completed. A line manager must witness the lock and/or keys being damaged and the sign the form stating that they have witnessed the locks/keys being destroyed. They are are then either placed in an industrial dump bin or depending on the amount destroyed could be sent to scrap metal place for recycling

  • Key/Lock Presented Serial Number Validated

  • Actual Date of Disposal

  • Manner of Disposal

  • Location of Disposal/Business Unit eg Victoria, EQS warehouse

  • Name of Person Destroying Key/Lock

  • Signature of Person Destroying Key/Lock

  • Name of Person Witnessing Disposal of Key/Lock

  • Signature of Person Witnessing Disposal of the Key/Lock

  • Once the key/locks have been destroyed and disposed of the completed key/lock disposal form is to be scanned and sent to the key lock custodian confirming the key destruction has been completed

Administration Updates

  • The key/lock custodian must update the state key register to reflect the disposal / destruction of the identified keys/locks

  • Name of Key Custodian

  • Date Key/Lock Register Updated

  • Key Custodians Signature

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