Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Audit Information

  • Branch the audit is for

  • General Manager

  • What customer is this audit for

  • Date of Audit

  • Solutions Specialist


  • (SMS) Products available offline?

  • (SMS) Use suggested turned off?

  • (eOMS) Machines cycled counted monthly?

  • (Branch Employee) Restock numbers entered?

  • (SMS) Are there pending restocks?

  • (Apex) Potential vending items to remove?

  • (Fastnet) Vend packs available at the same cost?

  • (Fastnet) EB opportunities?

  • (POS) Potential items from regular acct to add?

  • (Fastnet) Vend % meeting goal (75%)?

  • Vending Score


  • Parts have an appropriate min/max/cap in vending tab? (Suggested max is 10 days of usage)

  • (POS) Parts have an appropriate min/max for the store? (Suggested min is 5 weeks of usage)

  • Discrepancies being handled correctly?

  • Customer inventory location products match machine?


  • Pick labels printed in location order?

  • Vending area organized?

  • Who generates restocks?

  • Reviewed process of generating restocks?

  • New employees to train?

  • Need new/replacement vending labels?


  • Tech Support Sticker?

  • Need reconfiguration?

  • Product below machine?

  • FIFO turned off?

  • Verify Vend off?

  • Need new labels?


  • Main Contact at location?

  • Admin Role/Person at location?

  • Automated reports?

  • Reviewed with customer?

  • Customer wants to take WebEx Training?

  • Administrator Email address?

  • Administrator Signature

  • Review products to remove/add?

  • Quote EB products?

  • Crib Crawl?

Notes and follow up action items:

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