Vendor Assessment

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Vendor Name

Contact Person

Adherence to organizational standards



Overall Quality & Level of Professionalism

Overall Response

Company Information

Financial Viability

Organizational Structure

Experience with Similar Companies

Service Department



Project Understanding

Overall Comprehension of Project Objectives

Understanding of the Business Requirements

Understanding of the Business Vision


Completeness of Vendor Response

Vendor Ability to Meet Requirements

Product Viability & History

Technology Is Sustainable

Product Roadmap

Product Development Life-Cycle

New Release Process

Terms & Conditions

Detailed Buyer Duties

Terms & Conditions

Purchase Agreement Details

Vendor Software Demonstration

Solution Is Integrated

Aligns with Company Objectives

Third-Party Products Shown

Ease of Use

System Performance

Flow & Simplicity

System Ability To Handle Requirements

Flexibility, Tailorability, Extensibility

Ability to Answer Questions

Application Robustness


Data Privacy

Disaster Recovery Plan

Fee Summary

License Fees

Maintenance Fees

Purchase Timeline

Licensing Period

Other Fees


Overall Risk Assessment



Recommended Vendor

Overall Recommendation

Name and Signature of Officer in Charge
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