Has the system been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements?

Have relevant system installation clauses been followed?

Type of ductwork installed (e.g. rigid, semi-rigid)

Description of installed controls (e.g. timer, central control, humidistat, PIR, etc)

Location of manual/override controls

Visual Inspections

Total installed equivalent area of background ventilators in dwelling?

Total floor area of dwelling?

Does the total installed equivalent ventilator area meet the requirements?

Have all background ventilators been left in the open position?

Have the correct number and location of extract fans/terminals been installed that satisfy ADF?

Is the installation complete with no obvious defects present?

Do all internal doors have sufficient undercuts to allow air transfer between rooms (i.e. 10 mm over and above final floor finish)?

Has all protection/packaging been removed such that the system is fully functional?

For ducted systems, has the ductwork installation been installed in such a manner that air resistance and leakage are kept to a minimum?

Are the correct number and size of background ventilators provided that satisfy ADF?

Has the entire system been installed such that there is sufficient access for routine maintenance and repair/replacement of components?

Have appropriate air terminal devices been installed to allow system balance?

Has the heat recovery unit and all ductwork been effectively insulated where installed in unheated spaces?

Condensate connection is complete and drains to an appropriate location?

Upon initial start-up, was any abnormal sound or vibration experienced, or unusual smells detected?

Does the installation follow the design?

Have any variations from the design been agreed?

Airflow measurement test

Have controls been set-up in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations?

Have all distribution grilles been locked to prevent unauthorized adjustment?

Are all equipment in good working condition?



Inspector (Full Name and Signature)