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  • Site conducted

  • Priority

  • Priority Of Minor Works

  • Conducted on

  • MDU Key (Reference number)

  • This survey is to determine the condition of the cabling and carry out a network assessment across selected Virgin Media MDU installations that are under 18m high and were pre-wired prior to 2015. Where ever possible this is a non-intrusive condition survey. However, your assessment and responses are to be based on what you need to access to respond to the questions in the survey below. But, at no time should you take any risks to your personal safety in completing the survey. You are required to inspect entry holes to premises made as part of a VM installation, this includes removing and reaffixing trunking that restricts inspection of a hole. If you see or are made aware of, damage to internal fire partitions where Telecommunication cables pass through a partition you should include this in your survey report at section 5.1. Due to the changes in the BS7671:2015 internal wiring regulations (which give requirements for the methods of support of wiring systems throughout an installation in fire escapes and fire exits), Regulation 521.11.201 (applied in 2015) requires that cables should be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire by metal cable clips etc. More recently BS7671:2018 wiring regulation has replaced the wording 'escape routes' with 'access or egress routes' in regulation 521.10.202 (applied in Jan 2019). It is important to note that during this survey programme you will assess installations that were completed before these requirements were enacted and which were appropriate at the time the installation was completed and which continue to be acceptable if they are in good condition.

1. Surveyor Details

  • Sccialphatrack

2 - Address Details (Full address details required)

  • 2.1 - Address/Street (& flat number range where applicable)

  • 2.2 - Building Name

  • 2.3 - Town/City

  • 2.4 - Post Code

  • 2.5 - Building MA/owner and contact details (if known)

3 - Building information.

  • 3.1 - Total Premise Count

  • 3.2 - Number of Floors

  • 3.3 - How is the building fed?

  • Where is upturn located?

  • Please provide photos of upturn.

  • 3.4 - How is the building wired?

  • Please provide photo of site.

  • 3.5 - Has the hole around the cable POE (Point of Entry) been adequately filled? (No cracks, holes or missing sections in filling). All entry holes into premises need to be inspected to ensure they are adequately filled. However, where there is a repeating pattern of holes not adequately filled, do not survey every premise. Survey 1 premise entry hole per floor, where applicable, and document accordingly.

  • list which areas are affected:

  • Attach sample photographs of failures

4 - Site Access Requirements

  • 4.1 - How is access gained to the VM cabling/Building? (keys required, Ladders, Garden or Roof access detail which type)

  • Please detail.

  • 4.2 - Are keys or access required to location of the lockbox/DP?

  • If "Yes" detail which type

  • Please detail.

  • 4.3 - Is the Lockbox/DP(s) safe to access? (lock box height, diffilcult to reach, have to lean or over stretch to open)

  • Detail the location and what risks can be identified for each Lockbox/DP(s), any risks to safety due to the location.

  • Attach photographs.

  • 4.4 - Were there any areas of the building that could not be accessed which inhibited the completion of any part of the survey.

  • Detail which area could not be accessed, what part of the cabling or network could not be surveyed and estimate the percentage of the building you were able to survey.

5 - Remedial works required?

  • 5.1 - Are there any remedial works required?

  • Describe works required.

  • Attach photographs of works required.

  • 5.2 - Is there any suspected ACM's in the area of works required?

  • Please provide details.

  • Please provide photos.

  • 5.3 - Is there evidence that there has been any unauthorised works on the internal VM cabling? (3rd party cabling inside VM trunking, damaged fire stopping from 3rd party installations)

  • List location and description of unauthorised work.

  • Attach photographs for each instance

6 - Hazards - Priority

  • 6.1 - Overall, are there any hazards which pose an immediate threat to the safety of residents or emergency services personnel from the condition of this installation in this building? NOTE: All instances where such hazards have been identified must be immediately reported to your Supervisior and in turn reported to VM CC&NA Project Mangement Team.

  • Detail the hazard(s)/ locations?

  • Attach photographs of all instances

  • 6.2 - Non Virgin Media related advisories - Highlight any concerns that can be fed back to the property owner or MA. This will also be captured on the H&S Cover Sheet and uploaded to the Safety File.

  • Provide details

  • Please provide pictures.

7 - Signature

  • 7.1 - Surveyors Signature

  • 7.2 - Survey Completion Date

SOR Sheet

  • Does this survey required any works?

  • Are these minor works? (Able to be completed within 2 hours)

  • Please complete the following with number quantities of required items

  • Labour Rate 1 Man

  • Labour Rate 2 Man

  • Labour Rate Abseilors - per day

  • Abseil RAMS - per site

  • Replace or add rubber matt edge protection - per site

  • Access Equipment - Cherry Picker/Scaffold (Quote Required)

  • Replace Tray (per metre) - size

  • Replace or add bricks for tray work (Big Feet)

  • Replace Cat Wire (per metre)

  • Replace metal trunking - State length & size

  • Replace PVC trunking - State length & size

  • Replace cable ties to metal

  • Replace External Cab (X-small - Small - Medium - Large)

  • Replace Internal Cab (Small - Medium - Large)

  • Replace multi taps in cab - State values and quantities. ( 11x2, 14x3)

  • Replace Krone Strips - State Quantity & colour.

  • Replace Krone Mounting Bracket

  • Replace OMNI Box - State Colour / Quantity

  • Telco Jumper Wire - Blue/Yellow x 200m

  • Install T Duct Seal - 60mm / 100mm

  • Fire stopping required (Number of holes) and diameter

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