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Main Lighting Inspection

  • Without removing any covers or diffusers, visually inspect all fixed light fittings for signs of damage, scorching or burning. With the lights on full power, stand directly underneath each fixed light fitting and ensure that all are fully illuminated and not flickering or humming. Report any faults below.

Emergency lighting inspection

  • Locate emergency light test switches and turn off lighting. Take note of any faults below.

Legionella testing

  • Run tap and hold temperature monitor in direct water flow.
    Monitor temperature until it stabilises and record the temperature.

  • Legionella testing

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Fire safety inspection

  • Inspect all fire safety equipment present on site.
    Check every extinguisher and fire blanket for the following:
    a) correctly located in the designated place;
    b) unobstructed and visible;
    c) the operating instructions are clean and legible and face outwards;
    d) has not been operated/opened and is not obviously damaged or has any missing parts;
    e) the reading of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted to an extinguisher is within operational and safety limits;
    f) the seals and tamper indicators are not broken or missing.

  • Report any issues below.

General Inspection

  • In the comms room, are the air-con units functioning, and is the ambient temperature normal?

  • Further information

  • Are there any leaks or evidence of leaks on the associated pipework?

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