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Visual Merchandising Audit

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Store Exterior

  • Is signage clearly visible to passing pedestrian and car traffic?

  • Are store hours up to date and visible?

  • Is the current campaign in the window display?

  • Is the correct layout of mannequins implemented?

  • Are mannequins dressed as per window guidelines and well styled?

  • Do window displays feature the latest campaign?

  • Are lightings working and well positioned?

  • Are windows well lit with product highlighted after closing hours?

  • Is someone responsible for keeping signage/exterior clean?

  • If landscaping is applicable, is it well maintained?

  • If parking is available, is it clearly marked?

Store Layout

  • Is the correct arrangement applied, as per guidelines?

  • Are display areas well maintained and clean?

  • Does the fixture placement allow natural customer flow?

  • Are logical product adjacencies applied?

  • Are products well presented and on appropriate fixtures?

  • Are hotspots used strategically for high-margin impulse SKUs?

  • Is the POS system current and relevant?

  • Are flyers/cards/print collateral are readily available for customers to take?

  • Is the store well lit with no burnt-out bulbs?

  • Is the shop floor is clear of dust and debris?

  • Has the layout been updated at least once in the last year?


  • Were the correct planograms used for the location and category?

  • Are shelves fully stocked, but not cluttered?

  • Are products easily found in the appropriate area?

  • Are product packagings in good condition? (if applicable)

  • All products are priced correctly?

  • Is product restocked completely at regular intervals?

  • Are heavy or bulky items stored on lower shelves for safety?

In-Store Promotions

  • Is the purpose of displays clear?

  • Are the copies on in-store display fixtures easy to understand?

  • Are there clear calls-to-action in signages?

  • Are promotions consistent with brand directives?

  • Are floor displays positioned correctly and safely?


  • Does the staff look on professional and are easily identified?

  • Have the staff received adequate product training?

  • Is the staff aware of store best sellers?

  • Is the staff aware of the brand's Top 20 products?

  • Does the staff display an active knowledge of USPs, new lines, and stock holdings?

  • Does the staff exhibit good fluency and vocabulary when communicating with customers?

  • Does the staff know their assigned daily housekeeping responsibilities?


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