• Are walkways clear of obstructions or tripping hazards?

  • Are all hoses wound up when not in use?

  • Are all exit doors clearly marked and unobstructed?

  • Are exit signs and other general safety signs clear and in good order?

  • Are emergency plans posted and legible?

  • Are all work areas tidy and clear of tripping hazards and spills?

  • Are lighting levels in all areas appropriate for the tasks performed and lights in good working order?

  • Are general waste bins free from contamination by prescribed/regulated waste or recycling?

  • Are lunchrooms and amenities clean and tidy?

  • Are notice boards tidy with current informations?

Plant & Equipment

  • Are all tools and equipment stored correctly?

  • Are all machine guards in place and working?

  • Do all electrical equipment and leads have an electrical test tag attached which is current?

  • Are all ladders and safety steps in good working order?

  • Are pre-operational checks completed for all mobile plant (check two)?

  • Is all mobile equipment operating safely and complying with separation rules?

  • Are all electrical cabinets locked?

  • Are isolation and lockout stations complete and accessible?


  • Are all personnel wearing the required mandatory PPE?

  • Are PPE dispensers and cupboards filled with adequate stock?

Emergency Management

  • Are eye wash stations and safety showers clean and operational (test)?

  • Is access to all emergency equipment (eye wash, safety showers, extinguishers, fire hose reels) kept clear (within 1 metre)?

  • Are fire extinguishers in designated areas and have a current test tag?

  • Are spill kits available and stocked?

  • Are first aid kits tidy, stocked and clearly identifiable?


  • Are all chemicals stored in designated areas?

  • Are all chemicals sealed and labelled correctly?

  • Is there a Safety Data Sheet for each chemical which is within 5 years?

  • Are all chemical bunds clear from excess water, contamination or litter?


  • Are smoking areas kept clean and butt bins not overly full?

  • Are storm water outlets clearly marked and free of waste/litter?

  • Are outside areas of the site clear of litter, waste and spilt material?


  • Are any other hazards identified?

Maintenance Only

  • Are all gas cylinders stored in an appropriate manner (e.g. cage, or chained)?

  • Are all gas cylinders turned off at the bottle and not the regulator?

  • Are welding curtains/screens used when required and in good working order?

  • Have all chains, slings, harnesses and lanyards got inspection tags within date?

  • Is all work at heights and lifting equipment stored appropriately in a clean and dry location?

Warehouse Only

  • Are pallets not stacked more than two high next to walkways?

  • Are truck drivers using the designated driver waiting areas?

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