• Flare gate locked

  • no label
  • Hazardous Area sign in place

  • Emergency contact numbers current and correct

  • Hazardous Area checklist present

  • Toxic sign is clearly displayed

  • No Entry Authorised Access sign present

  • BIOGAS sign present and clearly visible

  • Gate is shut and self closer is working correctly

  • MCC door locked

  • Transformer Room locked

  • HV signs are present on HV and MCC

  • Is the fire hose reel rolled up

  • Are the two (2) fire extinguishers present

  • Are the fire extinguisher signs present, legible and correct

  • Are these fire Extinguishers in test date and pressurised


  • Area is clean and tidy

  • Benches clear of unnecessary glassware

  • Safety Data Sheets are current and available

  • Hazardous Substances are stored and labeled correctly (check under benches, etc)

  • Two (2) fire extinguishers are in correct location

  • Are the two fire extinguisher signs present, legible and correct

  • Are the fire extinguishers in test date and pressurised

  • There are no bottles left unsecured

  • First Aid boxes/ kit stocked and in date

  • All equipment and tools stored safely and in their correct location

  • Area is clean and tidy

Thiopaq / Aeration Area

  • Confined Space sign present on Aeration Tank

  • All BIOGAS lines which lead to atmosphere are shut and locked

  • no label
  • Gauges are locked in the off position

  • Are all of the lines labeled clearly, legible and present

  • Liquid ring blower valves for site glass and vent locked in the closed position

  • ICR sample valves at the bottom of the tank are locked in the closed position

  • Confined Space sign on the ICR is clear, present and legible

  • Ladder Lock is present on the ICR and is locked

  • Gas Bag has Hazardous Area signs

  • Two (2) fire extinguishers are present, within test date and pressurised

  • Are the two fire extinguisher signs present, legible and correct

  • Hose Reel is in test date and working order

  • Egress door is closed and signs present on the outside of the door

  • Spill Kits checked and stocked

  • Spill Kits are in correct location and sign posted

  • Walkways are clear with no obstructions or trip hazards

  • Area is clean and tidy

Bulk Chemical Storage Area

  • Rain vault Confined Space sign present near conditioning tank

  • Conditioning Tank has Confined Space sign present

  • Spill Kit is present in the correct location and stocked

  • Signs on all chemical dosing systems are legible

  • Lock has been placed on all of the fill points at the front of tanks

  • Safety Data Sheets are all present in the holders for the bulk chemicals

  • HAZCHEM signs are installed on the front of bunds

  • Front gate is closed and locked

  • Bunds are clean from rubbish and water


  • Is there sufficient signage in the area ( put yourself in a visitor/ contractor position)

  • Is waste being disposed of correctly - are there controlled waste and general waste bins available

  • The area is free of leaks or spills causing land or water pollution

Additional Comments / Recommendations

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