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  • 1. Numbers on the score sheet refer to the number of exceptions observed in the area being audited
    2. List actions requiring urgent attention in the Comments and Actions section at the end of the Audit
    3. Record details of significant exceptions using the media option. Aim to keep the number of photos per audit sheet to 20 or less .

  • Numbers on the scoring buttons represent the number of observed exceptions in the area being audited

  • SAFETY<br>Are fire fighting equipment and fire exits clear , eye wash stations working and clean and first aid equipment available?<br>Are all slings found in the area currently tagged and compliant ?

  • GUARDING<br>Is all guarding serviceable and properly closed?

  • HOSES<br>Are hoses all in good condition and properly stowed?

  • UNNECESSARY ITEMS<br>Have all unnecessary items been removed . i.e rags , rope, other equipment?

  • ITEMS PROPERLY STOWED<br>Is all necessary equipment stowed neatly and in the right place?

  • CABINETS<br>Are cabinet tops free of equipment and dust? Are cabinets closed?

  • EQUIPMENT LABELLED <br>Is all equipment clearly labelled as required?

  • CONTROL PANELS<br>Are control panels clean and free of gear?

  • WALLS<br>Are walls clean and free of stock?

  • FLOOR<br>Is the floor clean and free of stock? Is the floor swept ? Are floor markings clear?

  • WINDOWS<br>Are windows clean and in good repair?

  • LEAKS<br>Is equipment free of leaks?

  • LOOSE PAPER<br>Is all loose paper removed?

  • PIPES, TANKS, ETC<br>Are pipes/tanks etc free of buildup of stock and dust?


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