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  • Learner Name

  • Learner Name:

  • Retailer Name

  • Retailer Address
  • Learner Date of Birth:

  • Assessor Name:

  • Mentor Name

  • Programme Type:

  • Main Aim & Level

  • Programme Start Date:

  • Expected End Date:

  • Previous Review Date:

  • Progress Review Date:

  • Next Planned Review Date:


  • Review ALL Actions Set At Last Review: (Comments on achievement or reason for any non-achievement of action plan set on previous review)

  • Individual Learning Plan Review/Update: (Review Smart Assessor and 'Learner Aims List'; are the courses correct? Are learner and mentor details correct?)

  • Health and Safety Awareness & Welfare: (has there been any incidents since last visit, does the apprentice have any concerns)

  • Equal Opportunities / Equality & Diversity: (has there been any incidents since last visit, does the apprentice have any concerns)

  • Learner progression with competencies (Check progression within retailer, correct type of jobs being obtained, attitude & timekeeping)

  • Learner progression with principles (Check progression at the Training Centre, Function Skills, Skills Tests, Phase Tests, attitude)

  • Employers view of Learners Progress with Employer and On-the-Job Training

  • Learner's view on progress:

Action Plan

  • Future action plan (Include target dates and person responsible for actions)

  • Review Risk Banding:

  • Learner response to Risk Banding

  • Risk Banding review date


  • We, the undersigned, agree that the content of this learner progress review is a true reflection of discussions between the learner, employer and reviewer regarding the learner journey being undertaken.

  • Learner Signature:

  • Reviewers Signature:

  • Manager/Supervisor/Mentor Signature:

Internal Actions

  • Action

  • Action

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