Active Fire Protection

Are all fire extinguishers checked and certified in date

Are all necessary fire extinguishers in place and clearly marked for type of fire

Are fire detection systems in place and regularly tested

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Are all fire water monitors, hose reels and fire hydrants and extinguishers clear of obstructions

Are Evacuation Plans displayed and understood by all personnel

Area Walkways, Escape Routes and Signs

Are all walkways and passages clear of obstructions

Are all walkway surfaces in good condition

Are the walkways well defined e.g. Edge strips visible and intact

Are stairways in good order - Are anti-slip treads secure and the surface intact

Are signs in good order - Are signs present, undamaged and legible

Deck Drains

Are drain catchment areas clear of debris

Are there any areas of flooding due to drain blockages

Are there any areas of standing water on the deck causing a slip hazard

Access Doors / Fire Doors

Are all doors closed and dogged correctly - Handles locked where applicable (door discipline)

Do all doors open / close properly

Are any fire doors blocked in the open position

Emergency Push Buttons / Handles

Are all Emergency Stop push buttons and handles unobstructed and well marked

Are all personnel aware of their location

Can all Emergency Stops be reached easily by personnel operating machinery

Area and Emergency Lighting

Are all lights working properly

Are all fitting clean and undamaged

Is all deck light working properly

Are all Emergency Exit lights working properly and are they tested regularly

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General Plant

Are all pipe work, flanges and vessel doors free from obvious leaks

Are all guards in place and secure

Are there any weeps, seeps or leaks

Is there a routine maintenance schedule in place

General Housekeeping

Access / Egress routes clear from obstructions

Stairways clear and unobstructed

Access and emergency escape ladders clear and unobstructed

Emergency Escape routes clear and unobstructed

Floors / gratings clean and unobstructed

Rubbish collecting under gratings, in voids etc

Fire Fighting Equipment cabinets clean and tidy

All materials stored away correctly

Emergency Eyewash stations clean and unobstructed - Bottles in date

Is waste correctly segregated and disposed off

Is oily rag waste disposed of separately in a metal container / bin

Is Emergency Equipment readily available - is it checked and maintained frequently

Is there a potential for slips / trips or falls in any areas

Is there appropriate signage displayed - Is it legible and up to date

Are liquid spills cleaned up immediately

Are SOPEP bin locations clearly identified and the bins marked

Are the contents of the SOPEP bins complete and ready to use

Are valves in the area tagged / labelled and is pipe identification marking available

Are junction box glands / cables free from obvious damage


Are all handrails in the area free from damage

Do the handrails have any visible corrosion

Is there any equipment / material stored against any handrails

Are there any open areas without either handrails or barrier chains


Are all chemicals stored correctly as per MSDS and vessel procedures

Is there an chemical inventory available on the vessel

Are MSDS sheets readily available and co-located with the chemicals

Are chemicals brought onto the vessel accompanied by the MSDS

Are chemicals stored in an appropriate vented and suitably marked location. Is there an independent FiFi system in place

Are Chemical Task Risk Assessments (CTRA) available for personnel handling chemicals

Are all container correctly labelled for the contents

Are personnel suitable trained in the use of chemicals and specialist PPE

Is all necessary PPE available for the chemicals stored on board

Are bunds / drip trays available for open / in use chemicals

If refuelling jerry cans are used, are they stored securely with the option to jettison if required

First Aid

Are 1st Aid cabinets and contents clean and orderly

Are the cabinets locked and the medicines controlled

Are the contents in date and checked regularly

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Are the cabinets clearly labelled

If medical gases are stored, is the hazard clearly labelled

Is there easy access to the cabinets

Are personnel aware of the locations of 1st Aid cabinets and equipment

Are there designated 1st Aid personnel

Are Emergency contact numbers clearly displayed and known to personnel

Is there an AED available and personnel trained in it's use


Are the life rafts in date for service

Are there sufficient life buoys available

Are the smoke / beacons in date

Are there sufficient life jackets stored securely at the Muster Station

Are drills carried out frequently

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Are the access routes to Emergency Muster Stations clear and unobstructed

Are MOB alarms regularly tested

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Are personnel aware of the actions to take on seeing a MOB, or hearing the alarm

Policies and Procedures

Are all relevant Company and Vessel Policies available on display to all personnel

Are all relevant VSMC procedures available to Supervisors

Are the Vessel management team (Master, 1st Off, OSPT etc) aware of the Emergency Response Plan

Do all personnel know who to contact in the event of an Emergency

Are up to date Emergency Notification Charts available

Are the project specific and Client Project Information Folders available

Are personnel adhering to both vessel and VSMC policies and procedures

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.