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  • Site conducted

  • Date

  • Auditor Name

  • Department


Sort (Organization)

  • Distinguish between what is needed and not needed

  • Are there any unneeded materials, paperwork, tools, equipments, personal items and supplies present in the work-area or on the material handling and storage systems?

  • undefined

Set In Order (Orderliness)

  • A Place for everything and everything in its place

  • Are all necessary material handling equipments and items in the designated locations?
    Are safety equipments and cleaning supplies in good condition and unobstructed?
    Are locations of tools, equipments, storage racks and major work-stations well defined with labels?

  • undefined

Shine (Cleanliness)

  • Work-area cleaning and looking for ways to keep it organized

  • Are floor and desk area, cabinets, tools, equipments, conveyors and etc. free of dirt, debris and clutter?
    Are all trash and recycling bins cleared frequently and not overflowing?

  • undefined

Standardize (Adherence)

  • Maintain and monitor the first three categories

  • Are signages and communication board posts established and up to date?
    Are all tools and equipments ready to be used for next person?
    Is dustbin's garbage mixed with other items?
    Are color standards followed for all movable material handling and storage systems?

  • undefined

Sustain (Self- discipline)

  • Stick to rules

  • Are all MHE's sign-in sheets signed?
    Are 5S results displayed on the communication board?
    Are pending previous audit suggestions adressed?

  • undefined

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