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  • Shearing shed

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

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  • Area inspected:

  • Inspected by:

  • Date:

  • Parts to inspect

  • Conditions to inspect (*indicates best practice, not mandatory)

  • Action required (action is required for X)

  • Person responsible

  • Due date


  • Steps are non-slip, handrails installed or barriers if over 1m

  • Walkways are clear of obstructions and non-slip

  • Shed is well ventilated and well lit

  • Fans for cooling and water for hydration is available during periods of extreme heat

  • Pathways are available and clearly marked for pedestrians to keep them separate from traffic

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • PPE is available to staff and a record of training for the use of PPE is available

  • PPE is stored to protect it from dust and breakage


  • Safety data sheets, risk assessments and an index of the chemicals is up to date and readily available to staff using the chemicals

  • PPE is stored to protect it from dust and breakage

Shearing machinery

  • Machinery is guarded

  • Support braces are provided and in good condition

  • Sufficient space is available between shearers to avoid clashing

  • Equipment is regularly checked and maintained – records of maintenance

  • Suitable fixing point is available for the harness/support brace is free from obstructions and electrical wiring

  • Safe work procedures are in place for shearers

Yards and races

  • Gates and railings are in good condition

  • No sharp edges or protrusions

  • Lift swing gates are installed

Catching pens

  • Pens are an adequate size for the number of sheep and penners/shearers

  • Catching pen floors are dry and non-slip, no protruding nails

  • Battens run in the direction of shearing pens to enable shearer to tip the sheep back towards the gate more easily & reduce twisting and make dragging easier

  • Battens are in good condition to prevent slips and trips

  • Catching pen gates are self-closing, swing in both directions, are light weight and in good condition

Wool room & table

  • A working space of 1m is available between the board and wool table

  • Clear work space is available around the wool table and wool press

  • Wool table has rounded corners, and is at a height suitable to the users

  • Floors are in good condition, free of slip and trip hazards

  • Wool bins are easily accessible to wool throwers and graders


  • Drive shafts are high enough to avoid contact with raised arm or guarded to reduce risk of clothes being entangled

  • Emergency stop buttons is fitted to overhead shaft shearing machinery, or power points are in easy reach to the shearers

  • Downtubes located at the correct height. (lower end makes a 275mm circle on the floor, and long tube 600mm from the wall)

  • Downtubes parts are in good condition, top spring not worn and tension correct

  • Joint guards are fitted to all joints on downtubes

  • Hand pieces are in good condition and adjustment of the safety clutch is checked before shearing

Wool press

  • A record of training to use the press is maintained

  • An interlocking door mechanism is installed to stop the press if the door is not closed. (trip bar or emergency stop)

  • Powered wool press has an emergency stop that can be operated by the knee

  • Failsafe system in place to prevent the platen from falling when in the top position

Q fever

  • Yards are sprayed to settle dust and reduce risk. Offer immunization to staff

First aid kit

  • A stocked kit is available and a trained first aider is available

  • First aid equipment and a trained first aider is available

  • First aid

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