Title Page

  • Walmart Store Number

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Technician Name

Inspection Items

  • Take a picture of the main electrical Distribution Switchboard (overall in electrical room)

  • Take a picture of the Main Breaker and the associated Relay and trip settings

  • Breaker Make/Model

  • Voltage/Amperage Value

  • Long-Time Pick Up Value (A or kA)

  • Long Time Delay Value (seconds)

  • Short-Time Pick Up Value (A or kA)

  • Short-Time Delay Value (seconds)

  • Instantaneous Pick Up Value (A or kA)

  • Ground Fault Pick Up Value (A or kA)

  • Ground Fault Delay Value (seconds)

  • Determine where the main electrical switchboard is fed from.

  • Is it protected by fuses?

  • What is the Amperage rating, fuse type and kA rating of the fuses?

  • What is the rating of the transformer (if marked)

  • How far from the main switchboard is the transformer located?

  • Please take a picture of the transformer and nameplate (if applicable)

  • What is the make/model/serial number of the transformer?

  • What are the voltage, amperage, %iz, and other ratings of the transformer?

  • Please take a picture of the location and nameplate

  • How to you foresee disconnecting the main power from the main switchboard?

Temporarily Feed Refrigeration Equipment for Shutdown

Refrigeration Equipment (Coolers, etc.)

  • Is there a breaker in the main distribution panel that feeds all of the refrigeration equipment?

  • What is the Make/Model of the breaker?

  • What is the voltage/amperage?

  • How many and what size conductors are terminated on the load side of the breaker?

  • Can the breaker be isolated to temporarily feed the electrical panels that control the refrigeration equipment?

  • Why not?

  • How can this be accomplished?

  • How far can the generator be parked from the refrigeration breaker in order to backfeed during the outage?


  • Is there a Pharmacy?

  • Are there fridges in the pharmacy?

  • Add photos

  • How Many?

  • What panel are they fed from?

  • Where is the panel located?

  • Can an extension cord be run to feed these fridges during a power outage?

  • How do you anticipate keeping these fridges running during the outage?

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

  • Take a picture of the nameplate of the UPS

  • What is the Make/Model of the UPS?

  • What is the AC Input

  • What is the AC Output

  • What is the Capacity

  • What is the Battery Input

  • What is the Serial Number

  • What is the size, type, conductor count, and type of cable feeding it?

  • What size is the disconnect for the UPS?

Walmart Super Store (Other Stores Located Inside Walmart)

  • Is this Walmart a Super Store?

  • What other stores are located in the Super Store?

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