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OHS Notice Board

  • Are the OHS Committee latest minutes posted ?

  • Is the Information about HSR, Wardens and First Aiders posted ?

  • Is the OHS Policy posted ?

  • Is the If you are injured poster displayed ?

  • Is there information on Wannon Waters Rehabilitation Program ?


  • Is the plant clean and tidy ?

  • Are plant surroundings clean and tidy ?

  • Check the Clear Water Storage's Integrity (roof /hatches secure-if visible, no holes, no signs of leaks or excessive rust) ?

  • Is the wind sock in good condition ?

  • Are fixed safety ladders in good condition and usable ?

  • Are generator start up checks completed ?

  • Are exit lights ON at all times ?

  • Check that locks are functioning effectively (try to operate) and check fences .

  • Check equipment and fittings (no leaks etc) .

  • Check confined spaces equipment is appropriate, clean and accessible .


  • Are extinguishers in place and serviced in last 7 months ?

  • Are extinguishers accessible, (no trip hazards around them) ?

  • Are exit passageways clear of obstructions for 1 metre ?

  • Are Fire Standing Orders available and displayed (Manned sites) ?


  • Are there any broken plugs, sockets or switches ?

  • Has all portable equipment been tested and tagged within the last 12mths (please list equipment that is not tagged) ?

  • Are there any double adapters in use ? If yes remove.

  • Are there any temporary leads across floor ? If yes remove.

  • Is there anything on top of or in front of the switchboard/s ?

  • Is there a Yellow line 1m in front of the switchboard showing clearance ? If not rectify.


  • If the computers are on and not in use, are they locked ?

  • Is there confidential information written on or near a computer (i.e. a password, login in details, IP address)

  • Are the PLC and/or the communications equipment cabinets securely locked?

  • Are the site fences and gates in effective condition?

  • Was entry gate open and no operator present when first attending the site?


  • Does the chemical folder contain the Register, Emergency arrangements, Risk Assessment and MSDS's ?

  • Is the HAZCHEM register in date, in good condition and current ?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets current for all chemicals (less than 5 years since being created) check that pest control chemicals recently used have MSDS's ?

  • Are all containers / unsealed bags clearly labelled ?

  • Are all "Flammable 3" chemicals inside the storage cabinet ?

  • Is there a Yellow line 1m in front of storage cabinet ?

  • Is all important chemical information placed on , or near the storage cabinet ?

  • Are containment and spill control in place and complete (spill kit )?

  • All chemical containers (IBCs, drums) stored in bunds and safely stacked not in close proximity to stormwater drains ?

  • Are all chemical bund valves shut and bund in good condition (not filled with rainwater , overflowing, stained, damaged or cracked) ?

  • Check there a no chemical leaks or spills, including fuel/oil stains around refueling /generator areas etc.

  • Check all chemicals (first-aid standards, /reagents etc.) where applicable are within used by date .

  • Check all bulk chemical fill point cam-locks are in good condition and locked .


  • Check adequate illumination for all tasks and safe movement ?

  • Check light fittings are clean and in good repair ?


  • Are there any sharp edges or overhead shelves that may cause injury ?

  • Is the storage designed to minimise lifting ?

  • Is there easy access to items without risk of injury while accessing them ?

  • Is the housekeeping of racks and shelving appropriate ?


  • Are floors kept clean and with no trip hazards ?

  • Are entry and exit kept clear ?

  • Are even surfaces even and level; no high points or turned up mats ?

  • Are changes on floor height easily seen ?


  • Are bins located at suitable points ?

  • Are bins emptied regularly ?

  • Are bins sizes manageable when full ?

  • Are there any leaks from waste skips, bins or compactors ?

  • Is there prescribed waste at this site ? E.g. Asbestos, cyanide. If so, is it stored appropriately ?

  • If so are transport certificates kept ?

  • If applicable, have the different wastes been appropriately segregated by type ?


  • Are they clean and clear of rubbish ?

  • Are tools and equipment stored safely ?

  • Are materials not in use stored appropriately ?

  • Are there any materials / items not impeding access to benches ?

  • Are bench work heights appropriate ?

  • Are there any sharp edges that may cause injury?


  • Is equipment kept clean and free of debris ?

  • Is it adequately guarded / are there any pinch or trap points visible ?

  • Are tools and equipment stored in the right places ?

  • Is there 1 metre work space around fixed machinery/plant ?

  • Is there hearing protection signage ( noise level control ) in areas where you would have to shout to be heard ?

  • Is equipment fueled and ready for use ?

  • Are traffic signs and witches hats clean and appropriate for use ?

  • Are SOPs displayed adjacent to relevant equipment ?


  • Are ther adequate toilet facilities ?

  • Are toilets maintained in good, clean condition ?

  • Are staff eating areas clean and tidy ?

  • Are there adequate cleaning products and equipment ?


  • Are cabinet & contents clean, orderly & appropriate ?

  • Is there a list of contents in the first aid kit ?

  • Is there easy access to the first aid kit ?

  • Are emergency numbers adjacent to , or on the cabinets ?

  • Has the servicing of the kit been done in the last 6 months ?


  • Check log sheets - are they the current version ?

  • Check log sheets - Is all required data completed ?

  • Check any missing figures have been noted and reasons given ?

  • Are instruments calibrated when required ?

  • Are breach records being filled out when necessary ?

  • Check the monitoring matrix - is it the current version ?

  • Check CCP Plan - is it the current version ?

  • Are chemical Delivery Sheets filled in and correct ?

  • Are calibration log sheets filled in ?

  • Is the breathing Apparatus Checklist filled out AND Cylinder currently Full (if applicable) ?


  • Are possible sources of odour such as screenings, grit, sludge drying, digester and trickling filters etc. Producing odour during the time of the audit?

  • Are any lagoons non-aerated / aerated, producing odours at the time of the audit ?

  • Is there any odour / evidence of algae blooms in any storage / lagoon (scum on surface etc.)


  • Is there any excessively noise or vibration? Loud plant/noise sources ?

  • Is there excessively loud/unusual operating noise from cooling towers ?

  • Is there loud traffic noise (chemical deliveries/waste collection) ?

  • Are audible alarms (excessively loud/ continually sounding) ?


  • Is there evidence of wastewater influent area spills ?

  • Is there evidence of discharge / spills of effluent ?

  • Are there any stormwater grates or drains not clearly labelled or in poor condition on site ?


  • Are there any known significant flora and /or fauna on site? (e.g. Threatened species and/or communities) ?

  • If yes, is there clearly identifiable monitoring location (s) within the site? (e.g. Permanent quadrants, tiles grids, transects, etc.) ?

  • Is there evidence of pests plants and/or animals on site? (e.g. Rabbits, foxes, environmental weeds, etc.) ?

  • Is biomass management required? (e.g. slashing, long grass, dense vegetation, etc.) ?

  • Is there evidence of excessive natural erosion occurring on site ?

  • Are there any known archaeological and cultural heritage site/s? (e.g. Scarred trees, maddens, buildings, etc.) ?<br>

  • Is there any visible dust in the air caused by vehicles or plant ?


  • Do any excavations / trenching appear to be eroding ?

  • Are there any stockpile of soil/sand etc. on site ? If yes do the stockpiles have run off / erosion prevention ( if not in designated bays ) ?


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