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Washington State Labor and Industries

Washington State Consumer Lien Information

This is not a LIEN. It is provided to you by your contractor to inform you about construction lien laws. An Information Notice is not a reflection upon the integrity or credit standing of your contractor. This Information Notice Explains the construction lien law and steps you need to take to protect your property from a valid lien. As an owner, you should read this Information Notice Carefully. The Information Notice is required to be given if you contract for residential construction or remodeling or if you are buying a new home, at any time the contract price exceeds $1000.00. (RCW 18.27.114(A) or (B)

Under Washington State law, your contractor and others who provide labor, materials, equipment or services to your project may be able to claim payment from your property if they have not been paid. That claim is a construction lien.

If your contractor does not pay subcontractors, employees, or rental equipment or material suppliers or does not make other legally required payments, those who are owed money may lien your property for payment. It is your vest interest to verify that all bills are paid, even if you have paid your contractor in full.

If you occupy or will occupy your home, persons who supply materials, labor, equipment or services ordered by your contractor are permitted by law to record a lien against your property ONLY if they have sent you a timely Notice of Right to Lien (which is different from this Information Notice) before of during construction. If you enter into a contract to buy a newly-built, partially-built or newly remodeled home, a lien may be claimed even though you have not received a Notice of Right to Lien. If you do not occupy the building, a Notice of Right to Lien is not required prior to filing a lien.

I understand that this information is provided for my information only as required by the State of Washington. By signing this Information Notice it indicates only that I have received it. My signature DOES NOT give Mr. Electric or those who provide material, labor, equipment, or other services any additional rights to place a lien on my property.

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As a licensed contractor in the State of Washington, Mr. Electric must retain a signed copy of this disclosure in our files for a minimum of three years, and will produce a signed or electronic signature copy of the disclosure statement to the Department of Labor and Industries upon request.

Contractor Registration Number: (CCB#) MRELEEC957RF

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